2024.1 Series Release Notes



This version includes various new functionalities to improve operation and use case coverage of Storlets.

New Features

  • Now storlets is tested with CentOS 9 Stream. Note that the docker-ce package is required instead of the default container tool (podman) in CentOS. Podman suport is still being worked on.

  • Now swift middleware detects a symlink object and run applications using the target object, instead of the symlink object itself.

  • The new max_extra_resources option has been added to swift middleware. This option determines the maximum number of extra input resources, so that operators can prohibit client requests with two many extra resources, which may consume large amount of resources.

  • Now swift middleware supports executing storlet application in object PUT with using existing objects as extra input resources. Previously it was possible only in object GET.

  • The following options were added to docker gateway. These options allows limiting resources used by storlet application containers.

    • container_cpu_period

    • container_cpu_quota

    • container_mem_limit

    • container_cpuset_cpus

    • container_cpuset_mems

    • container_pids_limit

  • The docker gateway no longer requires the entry point script within application container images.

Deprecation Notes

  • Some of the docker gateway options were deprecated and will be replaced by the new options completely in a future release.

    • docker_repo will be replaced by container_image_namespace

    • default_docker_image_name will be replaced by default_container_image_name



This version is tested with OpenStack Swift 2023.2 release.

Upgrade Notes

  • Default values of directory path options have been updated and now server data is stored in /var/lib/storlets by default.