Wallaby Series Release Notes



In this cycle, Storlets is rebased on Focal Fossa(20.04) which is the latest Ubuntu LTS release. It also includes some minor improvements about its operability.

Upgrade Notes

  • Now Storlets use Python 3.8 as default Python 3 runtime. If any application has X-Object-Meta-Storlet-Language-Version set to 3.6 then the metadata should be updated to 3.8.



In this cycle, Storlets includes some fixes to improve its stability.

New Features

  • Now Storlets supports Python 3.8 to run server side modules like middleware and gateway, as well as agent processes in containers.

Other Notes

  • In this cycle Storlets still supports Python 2.7 because OpenStack Swift still supports Python 2.7 as its runtime. This support will be droppend once Swift drops its Python 2.7 support.