Ocata Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The introspection workflow now accepts an additional parameter concurrency which defines how many nodes should be introspected in parallel. The default is 20, but can be changed to any positive integer.

  • Add a new action argument, skip_deploy_identifier to DeployStackAction. The argument will disable setting a unique value for the DeployIdentifier parameter, which means the SoftwareDeployment resources in the templates will only be triggered if there is an actual change to their configuration. This argument can be used to avoid always applying configuration, such as during node scale out. This option should be used with Caution, and only if there is confidence that the software configuration does not need to be run, such as when scaling out certain roles.

Bug Fixes

  • When performing an interactive minor update with deployed-server, the client never prompted to clear breakpoints and just ran to completion and exited. The stack was left IN_PROGRESS. That issue has now been fixed so that the client will prompt to clear breakpoints.

  • The default OS_BAREMETAL_API_VERSION and IRONIC_API_VERSION in overcloudrc were bumped to 1.29, which corresponds to Ocata final and allows using all recent features without specifying an explicit version.

  • The update abort command was introduced many releases ago. However, it is not a safe operation in the context of TripleO. The TripleO Heat stack could become irrepairably damage should a rollback be attempted. As such, it is best to remove this functionality without a deprecation period. The workaround for this command is to wait until the stack times out or completes the update.


New Features

  • Add MigrationSshKey to generated passwords. This ssh key-pair is used by nova cold-migration and libvirt live-migration unless TLS is enabled.

Security Issues

  • Add EtcdInitialClusterToken to the list of passwords to generate, so users don’t have to pick a string or rely on a default value. Fixes bug 1673266.



5.8.0 is the final release for Ocata. It’s the first release where release notes are added.

New Features

  • Introduces a new workflow for creating baremetal RAID configuration.

  • Add FreeIPA enrollment environment generator.

  • Add a new Workflow which can be used to wait for Heat stacks finish with COMPLETE or FAILED.

  • CephMdsKey is now a generated Heat parameter.

  • Add an new Action which generates environment parameters for configuring fencing.

  • Add utility functions for deleting/emptying swift containers.

  • Run nova-manage cell_v2 discover_hosts when any baremetal nodes are registered with the undercloud.

  • Adds support for the Jinja2 include statement in tripleo-heat-templates.

  • Add a workflow to move a list of baremetal nodes to ‘manage’ state.

  • A new Mistral action has been added to create signed temporary URLs. It also sets the required metadata with a random key if not yet existing. This can be used on overcloud nodes to pull and push objects, for example to distribute Swift rings across all nodes.

  • Adds support for calling the external TripleO validations from the deployment and introspection workflows. They default to off, and can be enabled by passing ‘True’ to the run_validations parameters of these workflows.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug 1644756 so that flavour matching works as expected with the object-storage role.

  • Fixes bug 1649284 by removing extra default Neutron vendor plugins.

  • Fixes bug 1640770 by updating the scale down workflow to wait until the stack has reached COMPLETE or FAILED.

  • Fixes bug 1651508 by adding the missing MySQL and Memcache packages to the container.

  • Fixes bug 1644587 with a new validation step of the plan name to prevent disallowed characters in hostnames.

  • Fixes bug 1648781 by passing the Zaqar queue to any sub-workflow executions to allow them to add messages to the queue.

  • Fixes bug 1637474 by adding support for initial state to the register_or_update workflow.

  • Fixes bug 1614939 by providing feedback to the user if a plan delete fails.

  • Fixes bug 1651704 by marking workflows as failed when they send an error messsage.

  • Fixes bug 1657461 by adding a workflow to delete a Heat stack.

  • Fixes bug 1614928 by adding workflows to support the package update command.

Other Notes

  • Add a script that pulls the latest puppet source

  • Force qemu to log to a file when containerized

  • Add passwords for Congress and Tacker