Pike Series Release Notes


Deprecation Notes

  • Un-deprecated pm_service_profile option support at the UCS ironic driver.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously, ironic nodes that only differ in pm_service_profile or ucs_service_profile would override one another ultimately leaving just one of them in ironic configuration. This fix un-deprecates pm_service_profile option support at the UCS ironic driver.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug 1760659 by updating the derived parameters workflow to use scheduler hints associated with a given role. The scheduler hints are used to identify overcloud nodes associated with the role, and take precedence over nodes identified by their profile/flavor.


Security Issues

  • The enable_ssh_admin workflow is now always expecting a list of servers to operate on, passed via ssh_servers input which is left empty when unset.


Bug Fixes

  • The keystone utils in tripleo-common had gotten out of sync with the way Mistral was using authentication. This patch aligns the two so that they are closer to equivalent.


Bug Fixes

  • Add an error message if there are no bare metal nodes available in an available or active state and with maintenance mode off. Previously, the message was misleading about missing control or compute flavor having no profile associated.


New Features

  • GUI logging - we added actions and workflows to support processing and storage of logging data from tripleo-ui

  • It is now possible to set various interface fields when enrolling nodes via instackenv.json. This only works for new-style drivers like ipmi or redfish. ironicclient 1.15 is required for setting the storage_interface field.

Upgrade Notes

  • The minimum required Bare Metal (Ironic) API version was bumped to 1.33 (late Pike).

  • The default bare metal API version used by the overcloud was bumped to 1.34, which is latest API version supported by Pike ironicclient.

Deprecation Notes

  • In the Queens release ironicclient will start defaulting to the latest supported bare metal API version, instead of the lowest. After that, we will stop pinning the bare metal API version in overcloudrc. All scripts that rely on a specific version should set it explicitly via either OS_BAREMETAL_API_VERSION environment variable or --os-baremetal-api-version command line argument.

Bug Fixes

  • When performing an interactive minor update with deployed-server, the client never prompted to clear breakpoints and just ran to completion and exited. The stack was left IN_PROGRESS. That issue has now been fixed so that the client will prompt to clear breakpoints.

  • Set the resource_class field of newly created nodes to baremetal to adapt to the recent scheduling changes. See bug 1708653 for details.


New Features

  • Add a Mistral workflow that uses hardware introspection data to derive deployment parameters for features such as DPDK and HCI (hyperconverged Nova compute and Ceph OSD nodes). The derived parameters workflow is automatically invoked during deployment when the workflow is listed in the plan environment file.

    For each role in the deployment, the workflow analyzes the Heat resource tree to determine which features are relevant to that role. The main workflow invokes secondary workflows responsible for deriving parameters associated with each feature.

  • Add two new workflows for discovering IPMI BMC: discover_nodes and discover_and_enroll_nodes.

    The former scans given IP addresses and ports, and tries to log into BMC using given credentials. It returns node information in a format accepted by the TripleO enrollment workflow.

    The latter calls the former, enrolls the resulting nodes and optionally moves them to manageable state.


New Features

  • Added a workflow to list all the deprecated parameters in the plan


New Features

  • In the parameters section of actions, the rotate_fernet_keys action was added. It does a rotation based on the values of the generated passwords or the parameter_defaults given by the user. Note that this merely does the rotation, deletes the excess keys and persists the new value in the plan environment. However, the action doesn’t go to the nodes and adds the keys to the actual repository; that’s part of a separate workflow.

  • Adds actions for calling ansible and ansible playbook executables from a workflow.

  • Set OS_VOLUME_API_VERSION and OS_IMAGE_API_VERSION in overcloudrc in order to establish the default API versions for the Volume and Image services. The values match the default major API versions for Cinder (3) and Glance (2).

Upgrade Notes

  • The environment configuration for deployments is now stored in a file called plan-environment.yaml and stored in Swift with the templates; Mistral is no longer used to store this data. Migration of the existing plans is handled automatically.

Deprecation Notes

  • The actions for calling ansible and ansible playbook executables from a workflow will be removed in the Queens release as they are intended to be migrated to the mistral-extra project.

Bug Fixes

  • Stop relying on deprecated alias drac_host for the drac_address field when enrolling Dell nodes.

  • The tripleo.role.list action now returns the list of roles based directly on the data from roles_data.yaml in the deployment plan. (See blueprint get-roles-actions)


New Features

  • Implemented new Mistral workflows to execute sosreport on overcloud nodes and upload them to a Swift container on the undercloud.

  • Added an action to flatten the nested heat resource tree and parameters.

  • The introspection workflow now accepts an additional parameter concurrency which defines how many nodes should be introspected in parallel. The default is 20, but can be changed to any positive integer.

  • Add support for enrolling nodes with ipmi hardware type.

  • Added a new workflow to fetch all the matching nodes with the given profile. To support it, a new action to fetch the node’s capabilities has been added too.

  • Add support for enrolling nodes using Redfish protocol for management. Requires additional field pm_system_id, see documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug 1691740 by adding container argument to calls to tripleo.git.clone action in the create_deployment_plan and update_deployment_plan workflows.

  • The update abort command was introduced many releases ago. However, it is not a safe operation in the context of TripleO. The TripleO Heat stack could become irrepairably damage should a rollback be attempted. As such, it is best to remove this functionality without a deprecation period. The workaround for this command is to wait until the stack times out or completes the update.


New Features

  • Adds an action and workflow used to check the status of the boot images in Glance.

  • Adds an action and workflow used to check the status of the defined and passed flavors in Nova.

  • Adds an action and workflow used to check the node counts and the hypervisor.

  • The create_deployment_plan workflow has been updated to provide support for creating a deployment plan from a git repository of heat templates. A tag or branch can be specified in the repo url with an ‘@’. Example: https://github.com/openstack/project.git@stable/newton

  • Adds an action and workflow used to check the ironic boot configuration.

  • Add MigrationSshKey to generated passwords. This ssh key-pair is used by nova cold-migration and libvirt live-migration unless TLS is enabled.

  • Add a workflow to run all predeployment validations and report back all errors and warnings.

  • Add a new action argument, skip_deploy_identifier to DeployStackAction. The argument will disable setting a unique value for the DeployIdentifier parameter, which means the SoftwareDeployment resources in the templates will only be triggered if there is an actual change to their configuration. This argument can be used to avoid always applying configuration, such as during node scale out. This option should be used with Caution, and only if there is confidence that the software configuration does not need to be run, such as when scaling out certain roles.

  • When sourcing the overcloudrc on the undercloud, the command prompt will show that the credentials have been loaded by being preprended with the overcloud stack name. For example, ‘(overcloud) [stack@undercloud ~]$’

  • Adds an action and workflow used to verify the profiles assigned to nodes and their count.

Deprecation Notes

  • The tripleo.plan_management.v1.create_default_deployment_plan is deprecated and will be removed in the Queens release. The udpates to the tripleo.plan_management.v1.create_deployment_plan ensures that it provides the same functionality.

Security Issues

  • Add EtcdInitialClusterToken to the list of passwords to generate, so users don’t have to pick a string or rely on a default value. Fixes bug 1673266.

Bug Fixes

  • The default OS_BAREMETAL_API_VERSION and IRONIC_API_VERSION in overcloudrc were bumped to 1.29, which corresponds to Ocata final and allows using all recent features without specifying an explicit version.