Ussuri Series Release Notes


Other Notes

  • The jinja2 template rendering function is extensended with a raise method. This can be used to raise errors conditionally in the Jinja2 templated tripleo-heat-tempaltes, for example in case some required property is not defined in roles_data or network_data. The following example demonstrates how to raise an error conditionally in a template:

    {%- if condition %}
      {{ raise('MESSAGE') }}
    {%- endif %}


New Features

  • Added overcloud-images-ceph.yaml, overcloud-images-ceph-centos8.yaml, and overcloud-images-ceph-rhel8.yaml to allow an operator to build an image that can be used for dedicated ceph nodes. This overcloud-ceph image would not have the openstack client, ha or openvswitch related packages.

  • This patch moves away from “ss” execs, using lsof instead. This allows to drop most of the piping and subshells, making things stronger.

  • Introduce new HEALTHCHECK_DEBUG variable in order to toggle verbosity, defaults to 0 (no verbosity). Setting it to 1 will activate -x flag, among other things.

  • Push some verbose output to a third descriptor, visible only if we set the healthcheck to debug.

  • Removed support for troubleshooting network issues using Skydive.


Bug Fixes

  • The RootStackName parameter is now added to the plan in plan-environment.yaml on both stack create and update. Previously it was only added on create.


New Features

  • Adds additional healtchecks for Swift to monitor account, container and object replicators as well as the rsync process.

Bug Fixes

  • openstack cli doesn’t negotiate a microversion. Live migration and multiattach are 2 examples of operations which require arcane incantations to make them work correctly, and therefore usually don’t. This adds OS_COMPUTE_API_VERSION=2.latest to the overcloudrc file to fix it.