Ussuri Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • The qemu user on the host gets created using uid/gid 107. Certificates on the host, but also the vhost-user sockets created by ovs use this uid/gid. With the move to TCIB images the default kolla ids were reverted and the previous overwrite dropped. This make e.g. the qemu processes to fail to use the libvirt-vnc bind mounted certificates. This change brings back the previous overwrite of the qemu user uid/gid.


New Features

  • Added modify_only_with_source to the ContainerImagePrepare set that can be used to limit modify container images to a specific image_source as defined in the services to container images mapping.

Bug Fixes

  • When using specifying ContainerImagePrepare if a tag is explicitly provided in a set, the tag_from_label functionality will not be run as we use the defined tag for the containers. Previously we would still attempt tag lookups even if we wanted a specific tag.

Other Notes

  • container-images/tripleo_containers.yaml.j2 is now used to determine what containers are used for which services when running the container image prepare process runs.


Bug Fixes

  • When the default tag doesn’t exist in the container repo during container image prepare, and a tag wasn’t set in the actual input for ContainerImagePrepare, the latest tag from the repo will be used instead of failing with a not found error.

  • Fix bug 1887692 so limit_hosts will take precedence over the blacklisted_hostnames. And therefore Ansible won’t be run with two –limit if both limit hosts and blacklisted hostnames are in use. When we want to run Ansible on specific hosts, we will ignore the blacklisted nodes and assume we know what we do. In the case of the scale-down scenario, the unreachable nodes are ignored.


Other Notes

  • The jinja2 template rendering function is extensended with a raise method. This can be used to raise errors conditionally in the Jinja2 templated tripleo-heat-tempaltes, for example in case some required property is not defined in roles_data or network_data. The following example demonstrates how to raise an error conditionally in a template:

    {%- if condition %}
      {{ raise('MESSAGE') }}
    {%- endif %}


New Features

  • Added overcloud-images-ceph.yaml, overcloud-images-ceph-centos8.yaml, and overcloud-images-ceph-rhel8.yaml to allow an operator to build an image that can be used for dedicated ceph nodes. This overcloud-ceph image would not have the openstack client, ha or openvswitch related packages.

  • This patch moves away from “ss” execs, using lsof instead. This allows to drop most of the piping and subshells, making things stronger.

  • Introduce new HEALTHCHECK_DEBUG variable in order to toggle verbosity, defaults to 0 (no verbosity). Setting it to 1 will activate -x flag, among other things.

  • Push some verbose output to a third descriptor, visible only if we set the healthcheck to debug.

  • Removed support for troubleshooting network issues using Skydive.


Bug Fixes

  • The RootStackName parameter is now added to the plan in plan-environment.yaml on both stack create and update. Previously it was only added on create.


New Features

  • Adds additional healtchecks for Swift to monitor account, container and object replicators as well as the rsync process.

Bug Fixes

  • openstack cli doesn’t negotiate a microversion. Live migration and multiattach are 2 examples of operations which require arcane incantations to make them work correctly, and therefore usually don’t. This adds OS_COMPUTE_API_VERSION=2.latest to the overcloudrc file to fix it.