Wallaby Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Split off Ceph related container images

    This change releases an update on the default tripleo_containers jinja template, splitting off the Ceph related container images. With this new approach pulling the ceph containers is optional, and can be avoided by setting the ceph_images boolean to False. e.g., passing something like the following:

      -   push_destination: true
              name_prefix: openstack-
              name_suffix: ''
              namespace: quay.io/tripleomaster
              neutron_driver: ovn
              rhel_containers: false
              tag: current-tripleo
              ceph_images: false
      ContainerImagePrepareDebug: true
      ContainerImageRegistryCredentials: {}

    avoid the ceph containers being pulled in the undercloud. To make this possible, a new jinja template processing approach has been introduced, and a template basedir parameter (required by the jinja loader) has been added to the BaseImageManager.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix high water mark memory usage on Cinder Volume and Backup services and reduce peak memory usage.

  • Removes the use of the kernel parameter nomodeset as it has been discovered it can cause blocking memory updates impacting latency sensitive applications and workloads.

Other Notes

  • console=tty0 has been removed from the kernel arguments for overcloud nodes, this means that kernel boot messages will no longer be logged to the graphics display. They are still logged to the serial console ttyS0. This change is required to avoid performance degradation caused by some graphics devices.


New Features

  • The scripts tripleo-mount-image and tripleo-unmount-image will mount the contents of an overcloud image file using qemu-nbd, making it available for chroot, or other read/write image operations. The scripts handle partition image (overcloud-full.qcow2) as well as the whole-disk image (overcloud-hardened-uefi-full.qcow2) with its multiple LVM volume mount points.


Deprecation Notes

  • The DeployArtifactURL(s) server is no longer makes any use of Swift when using built-in scripts to upload artifacts. The old upload-swift-artifacts file is now a symlink pointed to the updated upload-artifacts script. While the file has changed, the API remains the same. The symlink will ensure that legacy automation remains functional while moving over to the new script. The symlink will be removed in a future release.

Other Notes

  • Removed skopeo based container image uploader. This has been deprecated since stein and does not work with our current registry implementation.



Bug Fixes

  • The qemu user on the host gets created using uid/gid 107. Certificates on the host, but also the vhost-user sockets created by ovs use this uid/gid. With the move to TCIB images the default kolla ids were reverted and the previous overwrite dropped. This make e.g. the qemu processes to fail to use the libvirt-vnc bind mounted certificates. This change brings back the previous overwrite of the qemu user uid/gid.