Current Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • When using specifying ContainerImagePrepare if a tag is explicitly provided in a set, the tag_from_label functionality will not be run as we use the defined tag for the containers. Previously we would still attempt tag lookups even if we wanted a specific tag.


Bug Fixes

  • When the default tag doesn’t exist in the container repo during container image prepare, and a tag wasn’t set in the actual input for ContainerImagePrepare, the latest tag from the repo will be used instead of failing with a not found error.

  • Fix bug 1887692 so limit_hosts will take precedence over the blacklisted_hostnames. And therefore Ansible won’t be run with two –limit if both limit hosts and blacklisted hostnames are in use. When we want to run Ansible on specific hosts, we will ignore the blacklisted nodes and assume we know what we do. In the case of the scale-down scenario, the unreachable nodes are ignored.