2023.2 Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add network_isolation config option for trove. With network_isolation enabled, trove guest agent will plug the user defined port to database container.thereby achieving traffic isolation between management and business traffic. Story 2010733

Bug Fixes

  • Fix cluster creation error which caused by “NameError: name ‘common_glance’ is not defined”

  • Fix potential PostgreSQL database creation failures from the instance create API

  • Fix guest-agent failed to start postgres container due to execution of the “CREATE DATABASE” statement within the context manager of psycopg library. See the following for details Stroy 2010761

  • Fix guest-agent failed to start mysql-5.7 container due to the missing of the configdir. note that we don’t test mysql 5.7(aka.5.7.40) image in Trove CI tests. Stroy 2010543

  • Fix mysql instance permission issue when restoring a backup. Stroy 2010467

  • explicitly specify utf8mb3 as character set for mysql

  • Removed the [database] idle_timeout and [DEFAULT] idle_timeout options. These were all legacy aliases for [database] connection_recycle_time.