Newton Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Enable database log retrieval on Cassandra instances.

  • Add icmp option for DB security group. if icmp=True, users will be allowed to ping to DB instances.

  • Added a module driver for New Relics licenses. This allows activation of any New Relic software that is installed on the image. Bug 1571711

  • Add support for configuration group management for DB2 Express-C.

  • Add support for full online backup and restore for DB2 Express-C by enabling archive logging.

  • The reset-status command will set the task and status of an instance to ERROR after which it can be deleted.

  • The force-delete command will allow the deletion of an instance even if the instance is stuck in BUILD state.

  • The –incremental flag for backup-create will add the ability to create incremental backup based on last full or incremental backup. If no full or incremental backup exists a new full backup will be created.

  • New instance upgrade API supports upgrading an instance of a datastore to a new datastore version. Includes implementation for MySQL family of databases.

  • A locality flag was added to the trove ReST API to allow a user to specify whether the instances of a cluster should be on the same hypervisor (affinity) or on different hypervisors (anti-affinity).

  • A locality flag was added to the trove ReST API to allow a user to specify whether new replicas should be on the same hypervisor (affinity) or on different hypervisors (anti-affinity).

  • Support was added for applying modules to cluster instances through cluster-create and cluster-grow. Bug 1578917

  • Errors that occur in Trove are now persisted in the database and are returned in the standard ‘show’ command.

  • Full and incremental backup and restore strategy for postgres based on pg_basebackup and WAL shipping.

  • Support for standard WAL based streaming replication for postgresql guests. Sets up read-only hot standby servers.

  • New quota management APIs for reviewing and changing the quota for a particular tenant. Requires admin privileges.

Deprecation Notes

  • Make ‘long query time’ manageable via configuration groups (see bug 1542485). Deprecate the global ‘guest_log_long_query_time’ option in preference of datastore-specific configurations. MySQL long_query_time Percona long_query_time Percona XtraDB Cluster long_query_time MariaDB long_query_time PostgreSQL log_min_duration_statement

Bug Fixes

  • Use SET PASSWORD and RENAME USER queries to update user properties.

  • Allow specification of volume-type on cluster create. (Bug 1623005)

  • This would apply to any type of cluster that uses the galera strategy while setting the nics on a create call. When we called cast to set() the object was a list of lists. The set method can not has a list so this was causesing a unhashable error. The change is to make the instance_nics a list of strings (what we originaly expected) to resolve this issue. Bug 1570602.

  • Fixed parsing of GTID references containing a list of GTIDs from xtrabackup_binlog_info file on MySql replicas.

  • Fixed issue where module-apply after module-remove caused module-query to skip reporting on that module. Bug 1571799

  • Fixes an issue with a failure to establish a new replica for MySQL in some cases where a replica already exists and some data has been inserted into the master. Bug 1563574

  • Fixed default configuration template for MySQL to ensure that replication uses binlog_format. Bug 1563541.

  • An invalid module driver is now logged correctly. Bug 1579900

  • Fixed wrong call in conductor when reporting a guest notification exception. Bug 1577848

  • MariaDB historically leveraged the mysql manager for guest support including the configuration groups implementation. With MariaDB now having its own manager class that inherits from Mysql, it needs to have validation_rules and a ConfigParser setup. Bug 1532256

  • Increased agent_call_high_timeout config setting to 10 minutes. This configures the length of time that the taskmanager will wait for an asynchronous guest agent call to complete.

  • Make ‘default_password_length’ per-datastore-property. Bug 1572230

  • Applying a module again will now relect the update name, type, datastore and datastore_version values. Bug 1611525

  • Updating a module with all_datastores and all_datastore_versions now works correctly. Bug 1612430

  • Fix IniCodec to deserialize Python objects. This also brings it in line with other codecs. guestagent_utils.to_bytes return the byte values as ints. See bug 1599656

  • Do not remove MySQL root user on root-disable so that the proper status can be reported on restore. Bug 1549600

  • Close the race condition window in user-list call. Closes-Bug 1617464

  • Implement Postgres guestagent models for databases and users.

  • Implement RootController extension for the Postgres datastore.

  • Remove unused ‘override.config.template’ files. Bug 1575852

  • Make guestagent reuse Cassandra connections to eliminate resource leaks. Bug 1566946.

  • Backups to Swift will now use Static Large Objects for larger backups. A new configuration option ‘backup_segment_max_size’ can be set to adjust the segment size of the SLO. Backups that are smaller than the segment size will be uploaded as regular objects. This is an improvement over old Dynamic Large Object implementation. Bug 1489997.

  • Replace the deprecated ‘myisam-recover’ option with its newer counterpart ‘myisam-recover-options’.

Other Notes

  • In Mitaka release, support was added for full offline backup and restore using the default circular logging. In this release, the name of the strategy for offline backup and restore was changed from DB2Backup to DB2OfflineBackup. Hence, to enable offline backups, we should set backup_strategy=DB2OfflineBackup and for online backups, backup_strategy=DB2OnlineBackup. The property backup_namespace and restore_namespace will be the same for both types of backup and restore.

  • Add disk column in flavor-list Bug 1617987.

  • Add vCPUs column in flavor-list Bug 1261876.