Ocata Series Release Notes

Ocata Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add ‘max-prepared-stmt-cnt’ to the list of valid values which can be used in configuration groups for Mysql, Percona, MariaDB and PXC

  • Support attaching and detaching of configuration groups on clusters.

  • Add support for cluster restart.

  • Modules can now be applied in a consistent order, based on the new ‘priority_apply’ and ‘apply_order’ attributes when creating them. Blueprint module-management-ordering

  • Adds a region property to the instance model and table. This is the first step in multi-region support.

  • Add RBAC (role-based access control) enforcement on all trove APIs. Allows to define a role-based access rule for every trove API call (rule definitions are available in /etc/trove/policy.json).

Upgrade Notes

  • For module ordering to work, db_upgrade must be run on the Trove database.

Bug Fixes

  • The payload for cluster GET now returns ips for all networks, not just the first one found for each instance. Bug 1642695

  • Module list/show now returns boolean values as True/False instead of 1/0. Bug 1656398

  • Fix race condition in cluster-show that returned erroneous not found error. Bug 1643002

  • Since SafeConfigParser is deprecated in Python version 3.2, Trove uses ConfigParser for versions of Python >= 3.2 and SafeConfigParser for earlier versions. (Bug 1618666)

  • Fix Postgresql promote (bug 1633515).

  • Case where a new instance_modules record is written for each apply has been fixed. This issue would have potentially made it impossible to delete a module. Bug 1640010

  • Pass instance nic and az to cluster grow. Add specific Fix for mongodb to use the instance nic and az.

  • Improved mountpoint detection by running it as root. This prevents guests that have undiscoverable mount points from failing to unmount.

  • After upgrading the guestagent was in an inconsistent state. This became apparent after restarting or resizing the instance after upgrading.

Other Notes

  • Add ephemeral column in flavor-list (Bug 1617980)

  • Add Compute ID (server_id) and Volume ID (volume_id) to trove show output for admin users. Bug

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