Rocky Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • MariaDB allows an server to be a master and a slave simutaneously, so when migrating masters, if the old master is reactivated before attaching the other replicas to the new master, new unexpected GTIDs may be created on the old master and synced to some of the other replicas by chance, as the other replicas are still connecting to the old one by the time. After that these diverged slave will fail changing to the new master. This will be fixed by first attaching the other replicas to the new master, and then dealing with old master. Fixes #1754539

  • Remove support of creating volume from Nova. The former configuration “use_nova_server_volume” is not used any more, for creating volumes, cinderclient will be always used. Fixes bug #1673408.

  • Peviously root disable API returns a HTTP 200 response without any content, a HTTP 204 reponse which is more appropriate will be returned now.