2023.2 Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Enable network_isolation by Default. This option has no impact on existing Trove instances. For more information, Please refer to the document network_isolation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the way to check instance status. Since Victoria, Trove has change the database instance status name from RUNNING to HEALTHY but some clustering databases like Apache Cassandra still use RUNNING.

  • Fix a bug where docker daemon occasionally returns error: failed to set IPv6 gateway while updating gateway: file exists: unknown when network_isolation is enabled.

  • Fix a bug where Swift client in the trove guest instance failed to verify certification against the self-signed certificate authority. Story 2010674


New Features

  • Add network_isolation config option for Trove. With network_isolation enabled, Trove guest agent will plug the user defined port to database container.thereby achieving traffic isolation between management and business traffic. Story 2010733

Bug Fixes

  • Fix cluster creation error caused by “NameError: name ‘common_glance’ is not defined”

  • Fix potential PostgreSQL database creation failures from the instance create API

  • Fix guest-agent failed to start PostgreSQL container due to execution of the “CREATE DATABASE” statement within the context manager of psycopg library. See the following for details Stroy 2010761

  • Fix guest-agent failed to start MySQL-5.7 container due to the missing of the configdir. note that we don’t test MySQL 5.7(aka.5.7.40) image in Trove CI tests. Stroy 2010543

  • Fix MySQL instance permission issue when restoring a backup. Stroy 2010467

  • explicitly specify utf8mb3 as the character set for MySQL

  • Removed the [database] idle_timeout and [DEFAULT] idle_timeout options. These were all legacy aliases for [database] connection_recycle_time.