Victoria Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added the ability to create the Cinder volume in the same AZ as the Nova instance. Set enable_volume_az to True (defaults to False)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that orphan volumes left after removing instances, especially for the case that instance creation failed because of timeout when waiting for the volume available.

  • Added a periodic task for the PostgreSQL datastore to clean up the archived WAL files. Added a check when creating incremental backups for PostgreSQL. A new container image openstacktrove/db-backup-postgresql:1.1.2 is uploaded to docker hub.

  • Fixed a race condition that instance becomes ERROR when Trove is handling creating and deleting at the same time.


New Features

  • Added a new field named addresses in the instance API response which including the IP address and type, either ‘private’ or ‘public’.

  • Added a config option enable_access_check (default True) to decide if Trove should check the subnet of the user port is associated with a Neutron router. This check is needed for creating public-facing instances and the instance initialization. This check could be skipped When using Neutron provider network.

  • Database service (MySQL and MariaDB) is now running as a Docker container inside the trove instance. The image is defined by docker_image config option for each datastore.

  • The database backup and restore operations are performed by the Docker container inside the Trove instance.

  • Only one trove guest image is needed for all the datastores.

  • The admin user is able to get backups of a specific project.

  • Support db instance rebuild. The rebuild operation is mainly for Trove upgrades, especially when the interface between the Trove controller and guest agent changes. After the Trove controller is upgraded, the cloud administrator needs to send a rebuild request with the new guest image ID. Communication with the end users is needed as the database service is offline during the process. User’s data in the database is not affected.

  • When resizing volume for an instance which is the primary of a replication cluster, Trove also resizes the volume for all the replicas automatically.

  • Added replicas attribute for listing instances when the instance is the master of the replication cluster.

  • Added support to show and update the access configuration for the instance.

  • Trove now supports to resize volume without downtime. To use this feature, the version of Nova and Cinder needs to be at least Pike, the config option cinder_service_type needs to be set to volumev3. The cloud admin can disable this feature by setting online_volume_resize=False, default is enabled.

  • The Trove admin user is able to remove the default configuration parameters for datastore version, e.g. trove-manage db_remove_datastore_config_parameters mysql 5.7.29

Upgrade Notes

  • Existing database services are not affected. However, in order for Trove to communicate with Trove guest agent, a new guest image needs to be built and existing trove instances need to be backed up and restored.

Deprecation Notes

  • The ‘ip’ field of getting instance response is deprecated and will be removed in W release.

  • Most of the options related to backup and restore are removed, e.g. backup_namespace, restore_namespace, backup_incremental_strategy

Bug Fixes

  • When the trove-guestagent failed to update the datastore service status, the instance status should be ERROR.