Pike Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added the ability to associate datastore versions with volume types. This enables operators to limit the volume types available when launching datastores. The associations are set via the trove-manage tool commands datastore_version_volume_type_add, datastore_version_volume_type_delete, and datastore_version_volume_type_list. If a user attempts to create an instance with a volume type that is not on the approved list for the specified datastore version they will receive an error.

  • Support for the new ‘reapply’ command. This allows a given module to be reapplied to all instances that it had previously been applied to. Bug 1554903

Security Issues

  • Configuration show masks any password values.

Bug Fixes

  • It fixes an issue with Redis configuration, it uses a wrong min value for repl-backlog-size in validation rules. Bug 1697596

  • The module-instances command now returns a paginated list of instances. A –count_only flag was added to the command to return a summary of the applied instances based on the MD5 of the module (this is most useful for live_update modules, to see which ones haven’t been updated). Bug 1554900