Train Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added support for designate v2 API with a new DNS driver. To use this driver set dns_driver = trove.dns.designate.driver.DesignateDriverV2

  • Adds new fields “instance_ids”, which is supposed to contain ids of cluster instances, in payloads of two cluster events - DBaaSClusterShrink and DBaaSClusterGrow. Moreover, additional end notifications after growing and shrinking cluster have been added. It allows better integration with tools for monitoring resources usage.

  • Support for upgrading Redis instance.

  • Support for upgrading Redis cluster.

  • Added a new config option nova_keypair to specify an existing Nova keypair name for the database instance creation, the cloud administrator is responsible for the keypair management and configuration. It’s recommended to create Trove database instance in the admin project for security reasons, so only the cloud administrator who has the private key can access the database instance. With the keypair support, ssh keys are no longer injected into Trove guest agent image at build time.

  • Support to filter backups by instance_id, additionally, the admin user can get backups of all the projects by specifying all_projects in the query string parameters.

  • The cloud admin is able to apply a security group to the management port(with the purpose of communicating with the control plane and other management tasks) of the Trove instance, by setting the management_security_groups config option. The cloud admin is responsible for managing the security group rules. The security group and its rules need to be created before deploying Trove.

  • Users can create public trove instance that has a floating IP attached but have the ability to define what CIDRs could access the user’s database service. Refer to the API doc for more details.

Upgrade Notes

  • Cloud administrator needs to create a Nova keypair and specify the keypair name for config option nova_keypair, the private key is used to ssh into new database instances created. The previous private key is also needed to ssh into the existing database instances.

  • The management security group won’t affect the Trove instances created before the upgrade.

Deprecation Notes

  • The config option default_neutron_networks is deprecated and will be removed in the future release, use management_networks instead.