2024.1 Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Enable network_isolation by Default. This option has no impact on existing Trove instances. For more information, Please refer to the document network_isolation.


New Features

  • Implements Nova instances with root disk in Cinder backend if the configuration volume_rootdisk_support is True The size of root disk being created is volume_rootdisk_size

  • Now the health check middleware from oslo.middleware library is enabled by default. Edit api-paste.ini to disable the middleware.

  • Add support for multiple datastore versions for each datastore. more details: Story 2010770

  • The user can optionally specify the datastore version of backup docker image in Dockerfile by calling the install.sh script with the –datastore parameter and the –datastore-version parameter.

Upgrade Notes

  • The [DEFAULT] default_password_length option has been removed. Use the datastore specific default_password_length option instead.

Bug Fixes

  • When creating Nova instances with a root disk in the Cinder backend, it will allow live migration of Nova instances and features when using Cinder as the storage backend.

  • Fix the way to check instance status. Since Victoria, Trove has change the database instance status name from RUNNING to HEALTHY but some clustering databases like Apache Cassandra still use RUNNING.

  • Fix a bug where docker daemon occasionally returns error: failed to set IPv6 gateway while updating gateway: file exists: unknown when network_isolation is enabled.

  • Fix a bug where the PostgreSQL container is unable to recover after a reboot of the Nova instance. Story 2010599

  • Fix MariaDB failed to start after restoring from an unprepared backup file. This bug will appear if the backup file is created while MariaDB is processing too many update requests. See the following for more details: Story 2010999 <https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2010999> __

  • Fix a bug where the MySQL container is unable to recover after a reboot of the Nova instance. Story 2010599

  • Fix a bug where Swift client in the trove guest instance failed to verify certification against the self-signed certificate authority. Story 2010674