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Operators had previously used a dedicated mailing list until November 2018. You can read the openstack.operators archive which contains plenty of valuable information.

To unify our community, we have replaced the operator and developer specific mailing lists with a joint mailing list for developers and operators to subscribe to and converse on together.


To get more operator attention, prepend ‘[ops]’ to your email subject lines.

More generic information about mailing lists can be found in the Communication page’s 邮件列表 (ML, Mailing Lists) section.


There is the #openstack-operators channel on OFTC IRC for live conversations and Operators’ team meeting. On top of the #openstack-operators channel there are many others that you might find useful. More generic information about IRC channels can be found in the IRC频道 section of the IRC page.

In the 设置IRC section of this guide, there are instructions on how to setup a desktop client and register your irc nickname so that you can join these channels.


运维聚会 让运行云的人聚集在一起,交换最佳实践,想法并提供反馈。 它主要是圆桌会议/工作/讨论会议的感觉,只有少数演讲,其目标如下:

  1. 收集有关运行OpenStack时出现的问题的反馈,并努力在整个社区中进行沟通

  2. 创建一个论坛,在其中分享感兴趣的各方之间的最佳实践和架构

  3. 增加运行云计算的建设性与主动性

There are other events relevant to operators besides just the meetup, 论坛(Forum) and the rest of the 开放基础设施峰会(Open Infrastructure Summit)