Taylor - domain operator

Taylor does not have any major concerns about the underlying infrastructure of the cloud and ensures that the SLA is followed.

Taylor spends no time researching OpenStack. It is likely that Taylor does not even know that the cloud service provider uses OpenStack and does not care how the cloud instances are run, as long as they run without unexpected outages. Taylor expects to be provided with adequate monitoring tools. Adding and removing users from the provided cloud services should be as easy as possible, in Taylor’s opinion.

Key tasks

Taylor performs the following tasks very frequently:

  • Managing quotas: Defines the amount of resources that the cloud service provider must supply and ensures that those resources are being effectively used.

  • Managing users: Defines the number of users with access to the cloud services. They manage the access and rights of users for the entire cloud services.

  • Ensuring SLA compliance: Monitors the various policies and support tickets to ensure that the agreed terms are being fulfilled.

Your development

Taylor’s main concern are the cloud outages. Taylor will not interact directly with OpenStack, save in rare cases or within small organizations. Therefore, changes that affect the stability and reliability of the cloud services are Taylor’s greatest concern.

Taylor assumes that the cloud services provider will supply adequate monitoring and user management tools. Taylor expects the cloud to notify the current status of the cloud in such a way, that Taylor can ask the provider to solve it as quickly as possible. Taylor will not fix the problems directly. Therefore, ensure that error notifications are clear and do not require any advanced knowledge of OpenStack to identify the issues.

If your development modifies the user management of the cloud, ensure to take Taylor into consideration. User management should be as simple as possible and it should not require deep knowledge about OpenStack.

The organizational models

The tasks that the persona performs within a certain organizational model are important for the usability of your OpenStack development. Within a small organization, such as Rifkom or Nikishi University, Taylor might be required to assume some roles and responsibilities of a Cloud Operator or a Project Owner. Within a larger organization, like CNBB Securities, Taylor’s tasks are performed by the team managing the cloud services provider. To see more on how roles change within organizations, see The model companies.