Wei - project owner

Wei does not know or care about whether OpenStack is being used for the cloud instance that the projects use or not. Wei’s concern is to have enough resources whenever they are needed. If Wei’s requests for additional resources take too long to be fulfilled, Wei will start looking for alternatives until the project’s needs are met. Therefore, if a project runs out of quota, Wei does not want to have to wait for the operators to raise it.

Key tasks

Wei performs the following tasks very frequently:

  • Managing access: adds and removes project members’ access to OpenStack resources.

  • Managing capacity: Requests additional resources through a RUR.

  • Managing projects: Coordinates project resources to ensure its success and the OpenStack cloud is another resource among many other.

Your development

When your development affects the behavior of the capacity of cloud instances, you should consider Wei as an interested party. Ensuring that changes to the capacity of cloud instances can occur as easily and as quickly as possible certainly has a positive impact on Wei’s work, for example. However, Wei does not perform those changes in capacity directly.

Finally, consider that Wei is a highly skilled developer with little knowledge of OpenStack and with little time for long, complex research. Therefore, your solutions for Wei must be focused on enabling others to provide the needed resources as quickly as possible.

The organizational models

The tasks that the persona performs within a certain organizational model are important for the usability of your OpenStack development. Within a small company, Wei might be required to assume some of the responsibilities of the Domain Operator or maybe even the Cloud Operator. In this case, the persona does not need to submit requests to manage the cloud’s resources but can rather make the changes needed.

Within a larger organization, multiple individuals could be performing Wei’s tasks. For example, each project could have a different person as a project owner and the company could have several projects.

Whatever the case, it is highly likely that Wei is an experienced application developer as well. See the information pertaining to the application developer persona here: Quinn - application developer. To see more on how roles change within organizations, see The model companies.