2024.1 Series Release Notes



Designate-agent removal is complete in this version of designate.

Nouvelles fonctionnalités

  • Add support for providing catalog zones.

    Designate can now optionally provide catalog zones for pools. Defined in RFC 9432, catalog zones allow for provisioning of DNS zones on secondary nameservers through the sole means of DNS. A special zone, the catalog zone, serves as a list of all zones the secondary nameservers should serve and for which they will set themselves up automatically. The synchronization of zones via a catalog zone happens via known and proven AXFR, just like for a zone’s DNS records.

    Provisioning via catalog zones is already supported by popular DNS implementations, such as BIND9, Knot and PowerDNS (and likely others). Apart from being a standardized provisioning model, the main advantage of catalog zones is the scalability and robustness of keeping secondary nameservers in sync.

  • Added zone pool move command which allows admin user to move zone from pool A to specified pool B. This command overcome the issues observed in zone export-import thereby reducing hours of time of large zone imports (e.g. 20-30k records). Please note, if you have moved a zone to a different pool, the pool must be configured with a proper tsig key for mini-DNS query operations. Without this, you cannot have overlapping zones in different pools.

Notes de mises à jours

  • The example « api-paste.ini » file for Designate has been updated to enable the oslo middleware sizelimit filter by default. If you update your « api-paste.ini » to the version with sizelimit in it, you will need to adjust the [oslo_middleware] max_request_body_size setting in the Designate configuration file to be large enough to accommodate the expected maximum zone import size in your deployment. The oslo middleware max_request_body_size default is 114688 bytes.

  • The edgegrid-python library is now an optional dependency and should be installed additionally if the Akamai v2 Backend is used.

  • The agent and all agent backends has been removed and can no longer be used.

  • Removed the following unused central rpc calls. This should not impact normal installations, but if these are used in any custom written backends or plugins that you are using, you will need to update your code before upgrading.

    • find_records

    • find_recordset

    • update_zone_import

Corrections de bugs

  • Database tables are now explicitly created with charset=utf8. This resolves an issue running designate-manage database sync when the designate database was not created with the default charset set to utf8.

Autres notes

  • Removed previously deprecated service:mdns configuration options. These are now configured under service:worker instead.

    • all_tcp

    • xfr_timeout

    • topic

  • Removed previously deprecated storage_driver configuration option.