Train Series Release Notes



Pool-Manager removal is complete in this version of designate.

Nouvelles fonctionnalités

  • Adds a new option for pools using the pdns4 backend: tsigkey_name. This allows deployers to specify a tsig key that is installed in powerdns to use for AFXR requests. This key name is the name used to create the key in powerdns, not the Designate UUID based ID for the key.


    This is only available in the 4.2.x versions (and above) of pdns.

Notes de mises à jours

  • A bug that prevented Designate from starting up when services are running a mixture of Python 2 and 3 has been fixed, but there is still an issue when running a mixture of a patched and unpatched versions of Designate under Python 3.

    See bug 1828534 for more information.

  • The previously deprecated options api_host, api_port, host and port have been permanently removed and are replaced by listen.


    listen =
  • The Designate sink service will now use the heartbeat reporting system to report its status. This was already the case for all other Designate services.

  • The pool-manager has been removed and can no longer be used. Instead the worker and producer service should be used.

    Because of this the [service:worker] option enabled has been permanently removed, and in addition the notify option under the same section has been deprecated for removal.

  • The PowerDNS MySQL based backend has been deprecated since the introduction of the PowerDNS 4 driver and is now being removed.

Corrections de bugs

  • TXT and SPF records are now validated for empty spaces in the values. If record value has empty space it should use «  » quotation according to RFC-1035 section 5.1. Use of single quotation mark within record value requires quote symbol to be escaped with backslash.

    See bug 1755788 for more information.

  • Fixed a bug preventing service_statuses from properly updating when Designate services were configured with multiple workers.

    See bug 1827070 for more information.

  • Fixed an issue when upgrading to Python 3 (where bytes and str are different types) and _update_partitions() attempts to sort types of “str” and “bytes”, causing designate-producer to crash.

  • It was previously not possible to override the topics for various serivces (e.g. mdns), due to bug 1832799. This has been fixed, and these services now use a common option name to override the topic.


    topic = mdns
  • Fixed a bug with the recordset status implementation to make it report its status more accurately.

    A recordset will now always report its highest priority state when it contains multiple records. The order of priority is, ERROR, PENDING, ACTIVE and DELETED.

    See bug 1842994 for more information.