Queens Series Release Notes



V1 API removal is complete in this version of designate.

Nouvelles fonctionnalités

  • Designate now support policy in code, which means if users don’t want to modify any of policy rules, they can remove or comment all of rules in policy file or even not deploy it at all. Because from now, Designate keeps all default policies under designate/common/policies module. Users can modify/generate policy.yaml file which will override policy rules in code if those rules show in policy.yaml file. Users also still use policy.json file but oslo team recommend that we should use the newer YAML format instead.

Notes de mises à jours

  • Any tooling using the V1 API needs to be reworked to use the v2 API

Erreurs critiques

  • V1 API has been removed

Corrections de bugs

  • Check for multi level tlds

    Previously we only checked for the last label of a TLD which does not work for co.uk or custom internal TLDs that deployers may use

Autres notes

  • Default policy.json file is now removed as Designate now generate the default policies from code. Please be aware that when using that file in your environment.