Note de la release actuelle


Nouvelles fonctionnalités

  • The existing Infoblox driver has been updated and is now based on the official Infoblox client.

    The following new options were added to the pool config for Infoblox.

    • wapi_host

    • wapi_version

    • cert

    • key

Notes de mises à jours

  • The following deprecated options have been removed.

    • [service:api] max_header_line

    • [service:api] secure_proxy_ssl_header

    • [service:api] override_proto

  • The deprecated Infoblox configuration options in desginate.conf has now been removed. All Infoblox configuration should now be in the pools.yaml configuration file.

    In addition, the infoblox-client library is now a dependency for the Infoblox driver and should be installed additionally if the Infoblox Backend is used.

Corrections de bugs

  • So far, the yaml Adapter made every designate-manage pool command fail if the pools.yaml file was missing any of the pool attributes. This patch makes the adapter to continue without raising any error.