2023.2 Series Release Notes


New Features

  • CallbacksManager can now subscribe cancellable events. By default, only before_ and precommit_ events, in case of error, can raise a CallbackFailure exception. Now, if the event is subscribed with the flag cancellable enabled, the publish method will raise this exception if the callback fails and returns an error.


New Features

  • A new AFTER_STATUS_UPDATE event is added. The first use case of this new event is to indicate when the L3 DB layer has updated floating IPs status.

  • Added two constants to model tunnelled networks in the Placement API: RP_TUNNELLED and TRAIT_NETWORK_TUNNEL.

  • New attribute is_service_role is added to the neutron_lib.context.ContextBase class. This attribute indicates if the context belongs to the service user which is used in the new secure RBAC policies for service to service communication.

Deprecation Notes

  • Atrribute is_advscv from the neutron_lib.context.ContextBase class is deprecated and is_service_role should be used instead.


New Features

  • Add new API extension security-groups-rules-belongs-to-default-sg that adds a new read only field belongs_to_default_sg in the security group rules. This flag determines if this security group rule belongs to the project’s default security group.

  • The port-hardware-offload extension adds hardware_offload_type attribute to the port resource. This new attribute stores the type of hardware offload the port is going to use and will be populated in the port binding profile information with “‘capabilities’: [<hardware_offload_type>]”. This extension is still not read by Nova; this is the reason Neutron still populates the port binding profile. The value of this parameter will not be updated if the port binding profile information is updated.


New Features

  • Add API extensions to advertise the support of standard attributes with FWaaS v2 resources: standard-attr-fwaas-v2.

  • A OVS port type OVS_DPDK) has been added. OVS_DPDK_PORT_TYPES was extended with new OVS port type.

  • A definition for API extension: external-gateway-multihoming. Allows multiple gateway ports to be configured per router for the L3 service plugins implementing this functionality.

  • A definition for API extension: enable-default-route-ecmp. Allows ECMP to be enabled or disabled for default routes inferred from subnets of router’s gateway ports.

  • A definition for API extension: enable-default-route-bfd. Allows BFD to be enabled or disabled for default routes inferred from subnets of router’s gateway ports.

  • New API definition: network-ha. This boolean field can be used only during the network creation. If enabled, the Neutron server will create a ha_router_networks register, that binds the project with the network and represents the only high availability network that can be created per project.


New Features