2024.1 Series Release Notes


New Features

  • New API definition: port-numa-affinity-policy-socket. This extension adds a new field, “socket”, to the parent API extension port-numa-affinity-policy. Now the valid values are: None, “required”, “preferred”, “legacy” and “socket”.

  • Added new extension subnet-router:external. This extension adds a new field to the subnet resource definition, called router:external, that is a boolean that represents if the subnet belongs to an external network. This is the same parameter name used in the external network flag.

  • New API definition tap-mirror, this new extension for tap-as-a-service allows admins to mirror traffic from a Neutron port to a remote IP address with GRE or ERSPAN v1 tunnels.


New Features

  • Added support for more ciphers to the neutron-vpnaas API. Added encryption algorithms (AES CCM and AES GCM modes for 128/192/256 bit keys and 8/12/16 octet ICVs, e.g. aes-256-ccm-16), authentication algorithms (AES-XCBC, AES-CMAC) and PFS choices (Diffie Hellman groups 15 to 31).

  • CallbacksManager can now subscribe cancellable events. By default, only before_ and precommit_ events, in case of error, can raise a CallbackFailure exception. Now, if the event is subscribed with the flag cancellable enabled, the publish method will raise this exception if the callback fails and returns an error.