Yoga Series Release Notes


Other Notes

  • Parent resource mapping was added to EXT_PARENT_RESOURCE_MAPPING in for the qos plugin.


New Features

  • Added API definition for qos-rule-type-filter extension that adds two new parameters to QoS rule type API: “all_supported” that is a flag to filter all supported QoS rule types by at least one loaded mechanism driver; “all_rules” that is a flag to filter all implemented QoS rule types in the Neutron server.

  • The API definitions of tap-as-a-service, taas and vlan_filter, are now available in neutron_lib.api.definitions. This includes tap_services, tap_flows and vlan_filter extension to tap_flows.

  • Add remote-managed VNIC type for ports such as off-path SmartNIC DPU ports.

Bug Fixes

  • Enforce policy for ‘qos_policy_id’ attribute of port, network and fip so only authorized users can set/unset it. For more info see bug LP#1957175.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where API validation for duplicate entries in list values would fail with a TypeError in case the values in the list was of type dict. See bug: 1956785.

Other Notes

  • Openvswitch related constants are moved from the neutron_lib.constants module to the own module neutron_lib.plugins.ml2.ovs_constants.

  • Added abstract method get_workers to QuotaDriverAPI metaclass. This method returns the quota driver workers that needs to be spawned during the plugin initialization.


New Features

  • New API validators validate_oneline_not_empty_string and validate_oneline_not_empty_string_or_none are added. Those validators are now used to validate opt_name and opt_value fields of the extra_dhcp_opt so strings with newline character are not valid for dhcp extra option’s name nor value.

  • A new method update_network has been added to L3AgentExtension to handle the network update events in the L3 agent extensions.

  • Added field qos_network_policy_id to the floatingip definition. This read only parameter contains the QoS policy of the network where the floating IP is plugged.

  • The qos-fip extension’s API definition is now available in neutron_lib.api.definitions.qos_fip.


New Features

  • Add API extension security-groups-shared-filtering. This extension adds the shared field to security groups and allows users to filter security groups based on the shared field.

  • Added API definition for qos-pps-minimum-rule-alias extension that enables GET, PUT and DELETE operations to be performed on QoS minimum packet rate rule without specifying policy ID.


New Features

  • Add an API extension local-ip that enables users to create Local IP resource which is a shared virtual IP address that could be assigned to multiple ports and is guaranteed to only be reachable within the same physical server/node boundaries.

  • Add API extension quota-check-limit. This is a shim extension that indicates if Neutron supports checking the resource usage before applying a new quota limit. A new API parameter check_limit is introduced; it can be used in the quota update request to enable this check.

  • Added QuotaDriverAPI abstract class. This class is the API to create any Neutron Quota engine driver.

Other Notes

  • The deprecated method neutron_lib.callbacks.registry.notify()`` and neutron_lib.callbacks.manager.CallbacksManager.notify() has been removed in favor of their publish() counterparts