Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add field qos_port_network_policy_id to the port definition. This read only parameter contains the QoS policy of the network where the port is plugged.


New Features

  • Add a new field description in floating ip portforwardings that can be used to help users to manage/find easily theirs rules.

  • The API defintion for the stateful-security-group extension is now available in neutron_lib.api.definitions.stateful_security_group.

Other Notes

  • Removes the definition of interconnection API extension for neutron-interconnection project. Neutron-interconnection project was removed from Neutron stadium due to lack of activity for long time so there is no need to keep the API definition in the official Neutron’s API definitions.


New Features

  • The extraroute-atomic api-def’s ACTION_MAP is changed so we add the new member actions (add_extraroutes and remove_extraroutes) while we also keep the router extension’s member actions (add_router_interface and remove_router_interface).