Wallaby Series Release Notes


Other Notes

  • Parent resource mapping was added to EXT_PARENT_RESOURCE_MAPPING in neutron_lib.services.constants for the qos plugin.


Bug Fixes

  • Enforce policy for ‘qos_policy_id’ attribute of port, network and fip so only authorized users can set/unset it. For more info see bug LP#1957175.


Other Notes

  • Add the neutron_lib.plugins.constants.PLACEMENT_REPORT constant so that it can be used elsewhere related to the placement_report service plugin.


New Features

  • Added API definition for rbac-address-group extension, which allows sharing address groups between tenants via the network RBAC mechanism.


New Features

  • Add constants for RBAC sharing actions: ACCESS_SHARED, ACCESS_EXTERNAL, and a new action ACCESS_READONLY.

  • New API definition: port-device-profile. The new field added to ports API, device_profile, represents a Cyborg device profile and is a named set of user requirements for one or more accelerators.


New Features

  • Add new constant BROADCAST_MAC which has value FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF and represents broadcast MAC address.

  • A new vnic type vdpa has been added to allow requesting port that utilize a vhost-vdpa offload. vhost-vdpa is simpler to vhost-user or kernel vhost offload but utilizes the newly added vdpa bus introduced in the Linux 5.7 kernel. vdpa interface can be implemented in software or hardware, when implemented in hardware they provide equivalent performance to sr-iov or hardware offloaded ovs while have two main advantages over both sriov and hardware offloaded ovs. Unlike the alternatives vhost-vdpa enable live migration of instance transparently and provides a standard virtio-net interface to the guest avoiding the need to install vendor specific drivers in the guest.