Zed Series Release Notes


Other Notes

  • Parent resource mapping was added to EXT_PARENT_RESOURCE_MAPPING in neutron_lib.services.constants for the qos plugin.


New Features

  • Add API extension fip-pf-detail. This extension indicates the list floating ip api will return port forwarding’s id and internal_port_id.

  • Add API extension network-cascade-delete that allows users to automatically delete all associated ports when deleting networks.


New Features

  • The neutron ovs_lib related constantswhich represents used OpenFlow registries are now available in the neutron_lib.agent.common.constants module. The helper function create_reg_numbers is now available in the neutron_lib.agent.common.utils module.

Upgrade Notes

  • Python 3.6 & 3.7 support has been dropped. The minimum version of Python now supported is Python 3.8.

Other Notes


New Features

  • Constants LOCAL_EGRESS_TABLE, LOCAL_IP_TABLE and PACKET_RATE_LIMIT are now available in neutron_lib.plugins.ml2.ovs_constants.

  • Add API extension port-mac-address-override. This is a shim extension that indicates if Neutron supports overriding the direct-phyiscal port MAC via the active binding profile.

  • The class NumaAffinityPoliciesEnumField is now available in neutron_lib.objects.common_types.

  • To guarantee the correct transition to SQLAlchemy 2.0, Neutron and neutron-lib set the SQL engine connection autocommit parameter to “False”. Since SQLAlchemy 1.4, this parameter will default to “False”; in SQLAlchemy 2.0, this will be the only value. If session autocommit is “False”, the session transaction will not end at the end of a reader/writer context. In this case, a session could have an active transaction even when it is not inside a reader/writer context. In order to mimic the previous behaviour, this method checks the pending new, deleted and dirty elements to be flushed. In case of not having any pending command, the session is considered as non active.