Liberty Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with launching clusters without auto-security groups.

  • Cluster with ‘is_protected’ field can be created now, closed bug 1510929

  • Wait condition feature can be disabled by the option.

  • Event log hanling fixed in case of problems with volumes formatting, closed bug 1506839

  • Fixed search of devices that need to be mounted, closed bug 1508872

  • Fixed issues with using Swift as an output datasource.

  • Fixed arguments list in latest cdh plugin

  • Fixed problems with validation of job binaries update, closed bug 1508507

  • Job execution can be created with ‘is_protected’ field, closed bug 1510994

  • Issues with job types call are fixed. Jobs can be launched from UI if ambari plugin enabled.

  • Open ports for Kafka in Ambari plugin, closed bug 1512661

  • Heat engine shows reasons in case of failure

  • Escape unhandled unicode characters in environment configuration files

  • Spark workers are found by fqdn

  • Timeouts for ssh operations are configurable now

  • Removed unneeded volume serialization

  • In case of XFS volume will be formatted with ‘-f’ option.

  • Added additional filter to volume_type check, closed bug 1508017

Other Notes

  • Fixed client tempest tests

  • Fixed tempest config group

  • Start using reno to manage release notes.