Queens Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • The command hdfs fs has been deprecated in favor of hdfs fs. This fixes will allow the use of Hbase service.

  • This fixes the issue with NTP configuration where a prefered server provided by the user is added to the end of the file and the defaults are not deleted. Here we add the prefered server to the top of the file.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes story 2002551 in which CDH cluster creation was stuck when the image was generated using sahara-image-elements, and at the same time extjs 2.2 was not injected inside the images generated using sahara-image-pack.

  • Hadoop is now better configured to use the proper Keystone domain for interaction with Swift; previously the ‘default’ domain may have been incorrectly used.


Known Issues

  • Remove the step “upload httpclient to oozie/sharelib” in sahara code. User should use latest vanilla-2.8.2 image which is built on SIE “Change-ID: I3a25ee8c282849911089adf6c3593b1bb50fd067”.


New Features

  • Enables the creation and validation of Ambari 2.4 images using the new image generation process where libguestfs replaces the use of DIB.

  • Sahara’s APIv2 is now exposed by default (although its state is still experimental). It has feature parity with Sahara’s APIv1.1, but APIv2 brings better REST semantics, tweaks to some response payloads, and some other improvements. APIv2 will remain labeled experimental until it is stabilized following the addition of new features to it in the coming cycle(s).

  • Enables the creation and validation of CDH 5.11.0 images using the new image generation process where libguestfs replaces the use of DIB.

  • Enables the creation and validation of CDH 5.9.0 images using the new image generation process where libguestfs replaces the use of DIB.

  • The ability to force delete clusters is exposed in Sahara APIv2. The Heat service must support Stack Abandon for force delete to function properly.

  • Adding ability to create and validate MapR 5.2.0 images using the new image gen tool.

  • This feature allows the policy enforcement to be done in code thus facilitating better maintenance of the policy file. In code the default policies are set and the operator only needs to change the policy file if they wish to override the rule or role for a specific policy or operation. Also, a complete policy file can be generated using genconfig tool.

  • Adding Spark version 2.2 to Sahara.

  • An EDP job binary may reference a file stored in a S3-like object store.

  • Support deploy hadoop 2.8.2 with vanilla plugin.

Upgrade Notes

  • Nova network has been fully removed from the OpenStack codebase, remove all instances of switches on use_neutron and the configuration value.

  • Sample configuration files previously installed in share/sahara will now be installed into etc/sahara instead.

Deprecation Notes

  • The use of [keystone_authtoken] credentials for trust creation is now deprecated. Please use the new [trustee] config section. The options username, password, project_name, user_domain_name, project_domain_name, and auth_url (with version) are obligatory within that section.

Other Notes

  • The presence of project ID in Sahara APIv1 paths is now optional.