Ocata Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add Kafka to MapR plugin

  • MapR repositories now can be configured in general section of cluster template configs

  • CDH 5.9.0 is supported in CDH plugin.

  • Implemented support of HDP 2.5 in the Ambari plugin.

  • The following service versions were added to MapR 5.2.0 plugin - Pig 0.16 - Spark 2.0.1 - Hue 3.10 - Drill 1.8, 1.9

Upgrade Notes

  • Neutron is used by default now (use_neutron=True). Nova-network is not functionaly for most use cases starting from Ocata.

Deprecation Notes

  • MapR 5.1.0.mrv2 is now deprecated and will be removed in Ocata release. It is recommended to use MapR 5.2.0.mrv2 instead.

  • Removed support for the MapR 5.0.0 plugin.

  • The ‘enable’ option of the ‘oslo_messaging_notifications’ section has been removed. To enable notifications now please specify the ‘driver’ option in the same section.