Newton Series Release Notes



Documentation about distributed periodics are extended with steps about installation additional libs required for correct work of coordination backend. Please refer Advanced Configuration Guide for details.

New Features

  • Add impala 2.2 to MapR plugin

  • MaR 5.2.0 is supported in MapR plugin.

  • Add Sentry to MapR plugin

  • Kafka was added in CDH 5.5 and CDH 5.7

  • Add ability to automaticaly generate better configurations for Ambari cluster by using ‘ALWAYS_APPLY’ strategy

  • Versions 5.5.0 and 5.7.0 of Cloudera plugin are declared as stable.

  • CDH 5.7 is supported in CDH plugin.

  • Added integration of Designate for hostname resolution through dns servers

  • Added event log for HDP plugin

  • Kerberos support implemented for Cloudera and Ambari plugins. New oozie client implemented to support authentication for oozie in kerberized cluster.

  • Custom health check is added to MapR plugin

  • MapR 5.1.0.mrv2 is now Enabled.

  • Remove support for Spark standalone in MapR plugin

  • The following service versions were added to MapR 5.2.0 plugin - HBase 1.1 - Drill 1.6 - Mahout 0.11 0.12 - Spark 1.6.1 - Impala 2.5

  • Added rack awareness feature for CDH 5.5 and CDH 5.7

  • Added rack awareness feature for HDP plugin

  • Refactoring the logic on how floating ips are used by Sahara. This change will allow the coexistence of cluster using floating ips with cluster that do not.

  • Separate transport url can be used for notifications purposes now, to enable this feature ‘transport_url’ should be provided in ‘oslo_messaging_notifications’ section.

Upgrade Notes

  • migration from keystoneclient to keystoneauth is done for using auth features of keystone.

  • Migration from novaclient.v2.images to glanceclient

Deprecation Notes

  • Versions 5, 5.3.0, 5.4.0 of Cloudera plugin are deprecated. It is no longer maintainted and supposed to be removed in P release.

  • Convert to cluster template feature is no longer supported by all plugins.

  • Option ‘infrastructure engine’ is removed from sahara configs.

  • MapR 5.0.0.mrv2 is now Deprecated. It is not recommended for usage. It is better to use MapR 5.1.0.mrv2 instead. This version of plugin will be removed in Ocata release.

  • Support of HDP 2.0.6 plugin was removed. Use Ambari plugin instead.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect down scaling of ambari cluster

  • Fixed launching Hive jobs in Ambari plugin.

  • Starting Ambari clusters on Centos 7 is fixed.

  • CA certificate handling in keystone, nova, neutron and cinder clients are fixed (#330635)

  • After decommissioning hosts all assoicated configs groups will be removed in ambari plugin.

  • Fix uncompleted event logs for Oozie and Drill in MapR plugin.

  • This patch adds ability to work with swift by using Keystone API v3

  • Fixed issue with handling endpoint_type during creation neutron client, closed bug 1564805

  • Fixed issues with hardcoded password during creation MySQL database for Oozie, bug 1541122.

  • Fixed issues with hardcoded password during starting hive process, bug 1498035.