Mitaka Series Release Notes


Known Issues

  • Fixed issue with incorrect retrieving of auth url.

Bug Fixes

  • Starting Ambari clusters on Centos 7 is fixed.

  • CA certificate handling in keystone, nova, neutron and cinder clients are fixed (#330635)


Deprecation Notes

  • Remove Impala 1.4.1, HBase 0.98.9, Hive 1.0, Hue 3.7 support in MapR 5.1.0 plugin

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect down scaling of ambari cluster

  • Fixed launching Hive jobs in Ambari plugin.

  • Correctly configure Spark with Hive and HBase on different nodes.

  • Fix creating Hive database schema automatically.

  • Fix Hue intergation with Spark and Hive on different nodes

  • Fix unavailable MCS link.

  • Fix visualization of MapR versions when running on python 3

  • Remove hive.server2.authentication property from hive-site.xml for Hue 3.9.0 in MapR plugin.

  • Make Oozie use correct maprfs jar in MapR plugin


New Features

  • Add ability of scheduling EDP jobs for sahara

  • Added support of running sahara-api as wsgi application. Use ‘sahara-wsgi-api’ command for use this feature.

  • CDH 5.5.0 is supported in CDH plugin.

  • OpenStack Key Manager service can now be used by sahara to enable storage of sensitive information in an external service such as barbican.

Upgrade Notes

  • HDP plugin removed from default configuration list. End users who are using HDP should ensure that their configuration files continue to list “hdp”.

  • Move notifications options into oslo_messaging_notifications

Deprecation Notes

  • The HDP 2.0.6 plugin is deprecated in Mitaka release and will be removed in Newton release. Please, use the Ambari 2.3 instead.

  • Removed support of Vanilla 2.6.0 plugin.

  • Removed support for the Spark 1.0.0 plugin.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed api_insecure handling in sessions. Closed bug 1539498.

  • Add regular expression matching on search values for certain string fields of sahara objects. This applies to list operations through the REST API and therefore applies to the dashboard and sahara client as well. Closes bug 1503345.