2023.1 Series Release Notes


Known Issues

  • Optimize Gnocchi fetcher to avoid consuming too much RAM when CloudKitty runs in cloud environments with hundreds of thousands of resources.

Deprecation Notes

  • Support for using Elasticsearch as a storage backend is being deprecated in the Antelope release in favour of OpenSearch. We will try to keep CloudKitty compatible with both solutions. However, we will only test with OpenSearch.

  • Support for using Monasca as a fetcher and collector is being deprecated in the Antelope release. The complete removal is going to take place in B release.

Bug Fixes

  • Add a validation to not allow users to schedule reprocesses via POST request on /v2/task/reprocesses using a time window not compatible with the configured period in the collector.

  • Fix failure to process rating using the PyScripts rating module.

Other Notes

  • API reference/docs have been moved to api-ref/source/ and the original path now contains a symlink to this directory.