Xena Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fix response format total for v2 dataframes API. The response for v2 dataframes is {"total": 3}. However, for Elasticsearch search response, the "hits.total" in the response body is {"value": 3, "relation": "eq"}, which does not match the API response schema.

  • Fix failure to process rating using the PyScripts rating module.


Bug Fixes


New Features

  • Enable using custom queries with the Gnocchi collector. This option enables operators to take full advantage of the operations that are available on Gnocchi such as any arithmetic operation, logical operation and many others.

  • The new “NOTNUMBOOL” mutator has been added. This mutator is, essentially, an opposite of the “NUMBOOL” mutator as it returns 1.0 when quantity is 0 and 0.0 otherwise.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the definition of the admin_or_owner policy expression, which was preventing even admins from using the get_summary endpoint with all_tenants=True or tenant_id parameters.

  • A new directive force_granularity: 300 was added to the default metrics.yml file for cpu and volume.size, to match the defaults of ceilometer and avoid logging errors in cloudkitty-processor with the default setup.