Yoga Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Two new options ignore_disabled_tenants and ignore_rating_role were added in the fetcher_keystone section. ignore_disabled_tenants skips disabled tenants when doing the rating. ignore_rating_role rates everyone, without reading the rating role for each project, which can be resource consuming.

  • Add active status option in the storage state table and API.

  • Introduce the reprocessing schedule API, which allows operators to schedule reprocessing tasks to reprocess scopes in given timeframes.

  • Add support for multiple value filters in the summary GET V2 API.

  • Adds support for specifying optional prefix and/or suffix to add to Prometheus queries.

  • Introduce response_format option for the V2 summary API, which can facilitate parsing the response.

Bug Fixes


Bug Fixes

  • A new directive force_granularity: 300 was added to the default metrics.yml file for cpu and volume.size, to match the defaults of ceilometer and avoid logging errors in cloudkitty-processor with the default setup.