Queens Series Release Notes


New Features

  • A collector for Monasca has been added. It works with telemetry metrics published to Monasca by Ceilometer agent through Ceilosca.

  • The storage system is being refactored. A hybrid storage backend has been added. This backend handles states via SQLAlchemy and pure storage via another storage backend. Once this new storage is considered stable, it will become the default storage. This will ease the creation of storage backends (no more state handling).

Deprecation Notes

  • The ceilometer collector has been deprecated. Gnocchi should be used by default. The collector will be removed during the Rocky development cycle.

  • All storage backends except sqlalchemy and the new hybrid storage have been deprecated.

Bug Fixes

  • The value of the UsageEnd field in CSV reports has been fixed.

Other Notes

  • A tempest plugin has been created for CloudKitty, and it is used for gate tests.

  • The deprecated ‘Billing’ API endpoint has been removed, and its code has been deleted from the CloudKitty repository.