2023.2 Series Release Notes


New Features

  • OpenSearch has been added as an alternative v2 storage backend. It is a duplicate of the ElasticSearch backend, with the naming changed where appropriate. This change is in support of the deprecation of ElasticSearch as a backend.

Upgrade Notes

  • The storage_state.get_state method has been removed in favor of the storage_state.get_last_processed_timestamp method.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix retrieval of reprocessing tasks which was returning Internal Server Error.


New Features

  • Extends the Gnocchi collector to allow operators to create multiple rating types for the same metric in Gnocchi. The Gnocchi collector is now accepting a list of configs for each metric entry, instead of accepting only one configuration.

Known Issues

  • Optimize Gnocchi fetcher runtime to avoid taking too long to load scopes when CloudKitty runs in cloud environments with hundreds of thousands of resources.

Upgrade Notes

  • The state field is removed from the scope API. Use last_processed_timestamp instead.