Zed Series Release Notes


New Features

  • OpenSearch has been added as an alternative v2 storage backend. It is a duplicate of the ElasticSearch backend, with the naming changed where appropriate. This change is in support of the deprecation of ElasticSearch as a backend.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix failure to process rating using the PyScripts rating module.

  • Fix retrieval of reprocessing tasks which was returning Internal Server Error.


New Features

  • Adds a MAP mutator to map arbitrary values to new values. This is useful with metrics reporting resource status as their value, but multiple statuses are billable.

  • Introduce an API to create scopes with a POST request. This is useful for operators to register scopes before they are created as resources in the collected backend and disable their processing without waiting for the scopes to be discovered by CloudKitty.

  • Add rating modules GET endpoints to v2 API.

Bug Fixes

  • Allow rating rules that have more than 2 digits in integer part.

    Currently, CloudKitty only allows creating rating rules as 99.999999999999999999999999. Therefore, for prices equal to or higher than 100, we would not be able to use them. This patch will enable operators to use any value between 0 and 999999999999 (in the integer part of the number), which will provide more flexibility.

  • Fix response format total for v2 dataframes API. The response for v2 dataframes is {"total": 3}. However, for Elasticsearch search response, the "hits.total" in the response body is {"value": 3, "relation": "eq"}, which does not match the API response schema.

  • Raises a CollectError exception with error details when a Prometheus query returns an error status.


New Features

  • Two new options ignore_disabled_tenants and ignore_rating_role were added in the fetcher_keystone section. ignore_disabled_tenants skips disabled tenants when doing the rating. ignore_rating_role rates everyone, without reading the rating role for each project, which can be resource consuming.

  • Add active status option in the storage state table and API.

  • Introduce the reprocessing schedule API, which allows operators to schedule reprocessing tasks to reprocess scopes in given timeframes.

  • Add support for multiple value filters in the summary GET V2 API.

  • Adds support for specifying optional prefix and/or suffix to add to Prometheus queries.

  • Introduce response_format option for the V2 summary API, which can facilitate parsing the response.

Bug Fixes


Bug Fixes

  • A new directive force_granularity: 300 was added to the default metrics.yml file for cpu and volume.size, to match the defaults of ceilometer and avoid logging errors in cloudkitty-processor with the default setup.