Rocky Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • CompileError: Can't resolve label reference for ORDER BY / GROUP BY. errors that were sometimes raised by SQLAlchemy when using the v1 storage backend and grouping on tenant_id and res_type have been fixed.


New Features

  • The format of the ‘metrics.yml’ configuration file has been improved, and will be stable.

  • A Source Fetcher has been added, allowing to add new collectors to scrap metrics from non-OpenStack sources.

Deprecation Notes

  • Collector mappings have been deprecated and should not be used anymore. They will be removed during OpenStack’s S cycle.

  • The /v1/info/services and /v1/info/services/<service> endpoints have been deprecated. The /v1/info/metrics and /v1/info/metrics/<metric> endpoints should be used instead. The whole /v1/info API part is currently being reworked, and some endpoints will also be deprecated and deleted in the future.

  • The /v1/report/total route has been deprecated. /v1/report/summary should be used instead.

  • The ceilometer collector and transformer have been removed.

  • The gnocchi and gnocchihybrid storage backends have been removed.

Other Notes

  • Cloudkitty now bases itself on metrics and no more on services for data valorization. The metrics.yml file information has been reorganized accordingly.