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Glossary Management

Zanata provides suggestions for translation based on a glossary of your language. The glossary is maintained in the i18n repository.

Glossary of your language

A glossary file of your language is found at glossary/locale/<lang>/LC_MESSAGES/glossary.po in the i18n repository. The file is a usual PO file.

When you want to update a glossary of your language, edit a corresponding glossary file using your favourite editor and propose a change to the Gerrit review system.

Once your change is merged, the updated glossary will be uploaded to Zanata. Note that the upload to Zanata is a manual process now. Only the Zanata administrator (usually the I18n SIG Chair and some limited folks like core reviewers) can upload a glossary. If your glossary is not uploaded, contact the I18n team or the SIG Chair via the i18n mailing list.


Discuss and review glossary changes in your language team before you propose changes to the Gerrit review system. Reviewers in the Gerrit review system cannot understand your language in most cases, so they can only check syntax or conventions.

Master glossary

When you add a new entry to the glossary, it is highly recommended to add the entry to the master glossary glossary/locale/glossary.pot. By doing this, all language teams can share the glossary.

The master glossary is an usual POT file. You can edit it in your favorite editor as usual.

After you edit the master glossary, ensure to reflect the change to all language glossary files. To do this, run the following command.

tox -e venv python setup.py update_catalog

Finally, propose a patch including all of the above changes to the Gerrit review system.