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Translation Statistics

There are several ways to know your translation activity.


Zanata provides ways to know your activity on Zanata.

  • Dashboard page shows your recent activity statistics this month and detail activity.

  • Profile page provides more nice statistics view. It shows your statistics in this month and last month.

Note that you need to log into Zanata to see your activity in the above pages.


Stackalytics is a popular web site which allows us to know various statistics related to OpenStack. It supports translation statistics :)

Visit Stackalytics and choose Translations as Metric dropdown menu at the upper-right.

FAQ: I cannot find my name in Stackalytics

There are cases where you cannot see your translation statistics in Stackalytics even after you translate strings in Zanata.

Here is the check list for such case:

  • Is your Zanata ID included in the translator list?

  • Is your Zanata ID different from your launchpad ID?

If your Zanata ID is not included in the translator list, you need to update the list to include your Zanata ID. Contact your language coordinator, email the i18n mailing list. You can also submit a patch to update the list by yourself (For detail, see Sync the translator list with Zanata).

If your Zanata ID is different from your launchpad ID, Stackalytics will not find your translation statistics. You need to let Stackalytics know your ID mappings. To do this, you need to add your user data into detault_data.json in the Stackalytics repository.

If you are lucky to use a same name for launchpad and Zanata IDs, you do not need to do the above. Stackalytics will find your statistics automatically.