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Language Team

OpenStack I18n team is a team to coordinate all language translations and cooperation with the I18n team and the development teams. I18n team usually has a working plan.

Although each language team could follow the I18n team working plan, your team may also decide your own work items and priorities as a language team.

Each language team may have useful information to help our translation efforts including translation guidelines, priorities, communication tools and so on. It is worth visited. You can find your language team page at https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/I18nTeam/team. If you have questions, you can contact your coordinators.

If you cannot find your local team, you can request to create a local translation team.

Roles in a Language Team

There are three different roles in a translation team:

Member (translator)

A person who can submit translations.


A person who can proofread translations and mark them as reviewed (approved) or rejected.


A privileged member in a translation team who can help in team management tasks, such as approving new members and reviewing contributions to that language. We also have task coordinators for specific tasks.

Managing a Language Team

This section tries to share best practices on how team coordinators manages their language team. Feel free to add useful information!

  • When a new member request is received, a coordinator approves (or rarely rejects) the request. At the moment, Zanata provides no way to communicate with language team members, so it is better to inform the new member of ways usually used in the language team.

  • When a translation period towards a new OpenStack release approaches, it is recommended to coordinate and prioritise translation efforts.

  • Setting up a communication channel among team members is recommended. It encourage team communications to discuss various translation related topics.

  • It is a good idea to organise glossaries and initiate related discussion.

Of course there is no need that team coordinators do all items. You can collaborate your team members and share ideas.

Creating a Language Team

If you want to create a language team and you want to be a coordinator, please follow below steps:

  1. Follow the step to register an ID in the translation website.

  2. Write an email to “openstack-i18n@lists.openstack.org” to introduce yourself and the language team you want to create, together with your ID on Zanata.

  3. When your request is approved, add an item in “Local Translation Teams” in the wiki page, create a wiki page under page I18nTeam (for example, I18nTeam/team/zh_cn) to introduce your team, with the following information at least: the contact information, the web page, and the work items.

Then, your locale translation team is created successfully. You can enrol more people to join and start your translation work.

Keep in mind to work with your local user group and the OpenStack Ambassadors to raise awareness and gather members :)