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 New, updated and deprecated options in Juno for OpenStack Block Storage

Table 1.87. New options
Option = default value (Type) Help string
[DEFAULT] az_cache_duration = 3600 (IntOpt) Cache volume availability zones in memory for the provided duration in seconds
[DEFAULT] backup_swift_auth_version = 1 (StrOpt) Swift authentication version. Specify "1" for auth 1.0, or "2" for auth 2.0
[DEFAULT] backup_swift_tenant = None (StrOpt) Swift tenant/account name. Required when connecting to an auth 2.0 system
[DEFAULT] cinder_smis_config_file = /etc/cinder/cinder_fujitsu_eternus_dx.xml (StrOpt) The configuration file for the Cinder SMI-S driver
[DEFAULT] consistencygroup_api_class = cinder.consistencygroup.api.API (StrOpt) The full class name of the consistencygroup API class
[DEFAULT] datera_api_port = 7717 (StrOpt) Datera API port.
[DEFAULT] datera_api_token = None (StrOpt) Datera API token.
[DEFAULT] datera_api_version = 1 (StrOpt) Datera API version.
[DEFAULT] datera_num_replicas = 3 (StrOpt) Number of replicas to create of an inode.
[DEFAULT] destroy_empty_storage_group = False (BoolOpt) To destroy storage group when the last LUN is removed from it. By default, the value is False.
[DEFAULT] dpl_pool = (StrOpt) DPL pool uuid in which DPL volumes are stored.
[DEFAULT] dpl_port = 8357 (IntOpt) DPL port number.
[DEFAULT] driver_client_cert = None (StrOpt) The path to the client certificate for verification, if the driver supports it.
[DEFAULT] driver_client_cert_key = None (StrOpt) The path to the client certificate key for verification, if the driver supports it.
[DEFAULT] fusionio_iocontrol_retry = 3 (IntOpt) number of retries for GET operations
[DEFAULT] fusionio_iocontrol_targetdelay = 5 (IntOpt) amount of time wait for iSCSI target to come online
[DEFAULT] fusionio_iocontrol_verify_cert = True (BoolOpt) verify the array certificate on each transaction
[DEFAULT] glance_ca_certificates_file = None (StrOpt) Location of ca certificates file to use for glance client requests.
[DEFAULT] glance_core_properties = checksum, container_format, disk_format, image_name, image_id, min_disk, min_ram, name, size (ListOpt) Default core properties of image
[DEFAULT] hds_hnas_iscsi_config_file = /opt/hds/hnas/cinder_iscsi_conf.xml (StrOpt) Configuration file for HDS iSCSI cinder plugin
[DEFAULT] hds_hnas_nfs_config_file = /opt/hds/hnas/cinder_nfs_conf.xml (StrOpt) Configuration file for HDS NFS cinder plugin
[DEFAULT] hitachi_add_chap_user = False (BoolOpt) Add CHAP user
[DEFAULT] hitachi_async_copy_check_interval = 10 (IntOpt) Interval to check copy asynchronously
[DEFAULT] hitachi_auth_method = None (StrOpt) iSCSI authentication method
[DEFAULT] hitachi_auth_password = HBSD-CHAP-password (StrOpt) iSCSI authentication password
[DEFAULT] hitachi_auth_user = HBSD-CHAP-user (StrOpt) iSCSI authentication username
[DEFAULT] hitachi_copy_check_interval = 3 (IntOpt) Interval to check copy
[DEFAULT] hitachi_copy_speed = 3 (IntOpt) Copy speed of storage system
[DEFAULT] hitachi_default_copy_method = FULL (StrOpt) Default copy method of storage system
[DEFAULT] hitachi_group_range = None (StrOpt) Range of group number
[DEFAULT] hitachi_group_request = False (BoolOpt) Request for creating HostGroup or iSCSI Target
[DEFAULT] hitachi_horcm_add_conf = True (BoolOpt) Add to HORCM configuration
[DEFAULT] hitachi_horcm_numbers = 200,201 (StrOpt) Instance numbers for HORCM
[DEFAULT] hitachi_horcm_password = None (StrOpt) Password of storage system for HORCM
[DEFAULT] hitachi_horcm_user = None (StrOpt) Username of storage system for HORCM
[DEFAULT] hitachi_ldev_range = None (StrOpt) Range of logical device of storage system
[DEFAULT] hitachi_pool_id = None (IntOpt) Pool ID of storage system
[DEFAULT] hitachi_serial_number = None (StrOpt) Serial number of storage system
[DEFAULT] hitachi_target_ports = None (StrOpt) Control port names for HostGroup or iSCSI Target
[DEFAULT] hitachi_thin_pool_id = None (IntOpt) Thin pool ID of storage system
[DEFAULT] hitachi_unit_name = None (StrOpt) Name of an array unit
[DEFAULT] hitachi_zoning_request = False (BoolOpt) Request for FC Zone creating HostGroup
[DEFAULT] hp3par_iscsi_chap_enabled = False (BoolOpt) Enable CHAP authentication for iSCSI connections.
[DEFAULT] ibmnas_platform_type = v7ku (StrOpt) IBMNAS platform type to be used as backend storage; valid values are - v7ku : for using IBM Storwize V7000 Unified, sonas : for using IBM Scale Out NAS, gpfs-nas : for using NFS based IBM GPFS deployments.
[DEFAULT] initiator_auto_registration = False (BoolOpt) Automatically register initiators. By default, the value is False.
[DEFAULT] iscsi_initiators = (StrOpt) Mapping between hostname and its iSCSI initiator IP addresses.
[DEFAULT] iscsi_write_cache = on (StrOpt) Sets the behavior of the iSCSI target to either perform write-back(on) or write-through(off). This parameter is valid if iscsi_helper is set to tgtadm or iseradm.
[DEFAULT] nimble_pool_name = default (StrOpt) Nimble Controller pool name
[DEFAULT] nimble_subnet_label = * (StrOpt) Nimble Subnet Label
[DEFAULT] nova_api_insecure = False (BoolOpt) Allow to perform insecure SSL requests to nova
[DEFAULT] nova_ca_certificates_file = None (StrOpt) Location of ca certificates file to use for nova client requests.
[DEFAULT] nova_catalog_admin_info = compute:nova:adminURL (StrOpt) Same as nova_catalog_info, but for admin endpoint.
[DEFAULT] nova_catalog_info = compute:nova:publicURL (StrOpt) Match this value when searching for nova in the service catalog. Format is: separated values of the form: <service_type>:<service_name>:<endpoint_type>
[DEFAULT] nova_endpoint_admin_template = None (StrOpt) Same as nova_endpoint_template, but for admin endpoint.
[DEFAULT] nova_endpoint_template = None (StrOpt) Override service catalog lookup with template for nova endpoint e.g. http://localhost:8774/v2/%(project_id)s
[DEFAULT] os_region_name = None (StrOpt) Region name of this node
[DEFAULT] pure_api_token = None (StrOpt) REST API authorization token.
[DEFAULT] quota_backup_gigabytes = 1000 (IntOpt) Total amount of storage, in gigabytes, allowed for backups per project
[DEFAULT] quota_backups = 10 (IntOpt) Number of volume backups allowed per project
[DEFAULT] quota_consistencygroups = 10 (IntOpt) Number of consistencygroups allowed per project
[DEFAULT] rados_connect_timeout = -1 (IntOpt) Timeout value (in seconds) used when connecting to ceph cluster. If value < 0, no timeout is set and default librados value is used.
[DEFAULT] rbd_store_chunk_size = 4 (IntOpt) Volumes will be chunked into objects of this size (in megabytes).
[DEFAULT] replication_api_class = cinder.replication.api.API (StrOpt) The full class name of the volume replication API class
[DEFAULT] san_secondary_ip = None (StrOpt) VNX secondary SP IP Address.
[DEFAULT] smbfs_default_volume_format = qcow2 (StrOpt) Default format that will be used when creating volumes if no volume format is specified. Can be set to: raw, qcow2, vhd or vhdx.
[DEFAULT] smbfs_mount_options = noperm,file_mode=0775,dir_mode=0775 (StrOpt) Mount options passed to the smbfs client. See mount.cifs man page for details.
[DEFAULT] smbfs_mount_point_base = $state_path/mnt (StrOpt) Base dir containing mount points for smbfs shares.
[DEFAULT] smbfs_oversub_ratio = 1.0 (FloatOpt) This will compare the allocated to available space on the volume destination. If the ratio exceeds this number, the destination will no longer be valid.
[DEFAULT] smbfs_shares_config = /etc/cinder/smbfs_shares (StrOpt) File with the list of available smbfs shares.
[DEFAULT] smbfs_sparsed_volumes = True (BoolOpt) Create volumes as sparsed files which take no space rather than regular files when using raw format, in which case volume creation takes lot of time.
[DEFAULT] smbfs_used_ratio = 0.95 (FloatOpt) Percent of ACTUAL usage of the underlying volume before no new volumes can be allocated to the volume destination.
[DEFAULT] ssh_hosts_key_file = $state_path/ssh_known_hosts (StrOpt) File containing SSH host keys for the systems with which Cinder needs to communicate. OPTIONAL: Default=$state_path/ssh_known_hosts
[DEFAULT] storage_vnx_authentication_type = global (StrOpt) VNX authentication scope type.
[DEFAULT] storage_vnx_security_file_dir = None (StrOpt) Directory path that contains the VNX security file. Make sure the security file is generated first.
[DEFAULT] storwize_svc_allow_tenant_qos = False (BoolOpt) Allow tenants to specify QOS on create
[DEFAULT] storwize_svc_npiv_compatibility_mode = False (BoolOpt) Indicate whether svc driver is compatible for NPIV setup. If it is compatible, it will allow no wwpns being returned on get_conn_fc_wwpns during initialize_connection
[DEFAULT] storwize_svc_stretched_cluster_partner = None (StrOpt) If operating in stretched cluster mode, specify the name of the pool in which mirrored copies are stored.Example: "pool2"
[DEFAULT] strict_ssh_host_key_policy = False (BoolOpt) Option to enable strict host key checking. When set to "True" Cinder will only connect to systems with a host key present in the configured "ssh_hosts_key_file". When set to "False" the host key will be saved upon first connection and used for subsequent connections. Default=False
[DEFAULT] swift_catalog_info = object-store:swift:publicURL (StrOpt) Info to match when looking for swift in the service catalog. Format is: separated values of the form: <service_type>:<service_name>:<endpoint_type> - Only used if backup_swift_url is unset
[DEFAULT] tcp_keepalive = True (BoolOpt) Sets the value of TCP_KEEPALIVE (True/False) for each server socket.
[DEFAULT] tcp_keepalive_count = None (IntOpt) Sets the value of TCP_KEEPCNT for each server socket. Not supported on OS X.
[DEFAULT] tcp_keepalive_interval = None (IntOpt) Sets the value of TCP_KEEPINTVL in seconds for each server socket. Not supported on OS X.
[DEFAULT] vmware_tmp_dir = /tmp (StrOpt) Directory where virtual disks are stored during volume backup and restore.
[DEFAULT] volume_copy_blkio_cgroup_name = cinder-volume-copy (StrOpt) The blkio cgroup name to be used to limit bandwidth of volume copy
[DEFAULT] volume_copy_bps_limit = 0 (IntOpt) The upper limit of bandwidth of volume copy. 0 => unlimited
[DEFAULT] volume_number_multiplier = -1.0 (FloatOpt) Multiplier used for weighing volume number. Negative numbers mean to spread vs stack.
[DEFAULT] zfssa_initiator = (StrOpt) iSCSI initiator IQNs. (comma separated)
[DEFAULT] zfssa_initiator_group = (StrOpt) iSCSI initiator group.
[DEFAULT] zfssa_initiator_password = (StrOpt) iSCSI initiator CHAP password.
[DEFAULT] zfssa_initiator_user = (StrOpt) iSCSI initiator CHAP user.
[DEFAULT] zfssa_lun_compression = (StrOpt) Data compression-off, lzjb, gzip-2, gzip, gzip-9.
[DEFAULT] zfssa_lun_logbias = (StrOpt) Synchronous write bias-latency, throughput.
[DEFAULT] zfssa_lun_sparse = False (BoolOpt) Flag to enable sparse (thin-provisioned): True, False.
[DEFAULT] zfssa_lun_volblocksize = 8k (StrOpt) Block size: 512, 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k, 16k, 32k, 64k, 128k.
[DEFAULT] zfssa_pool = None (StrOpt) Storage pool name.
[DEFAULT] zfssa_project = None (StrOpt) Project name.
[DEFAULT] zfssa_rest_timeout = None (IntOpt) REST connection timeout. (seconds)
[DEFAULT] zfssa_target_group = tgt-grp (StrOpt) iSCSI target group name.
[DEFAULT] zfssa_target_interfaces = None (StrOpt) Network interfaces of iSCSI targets. (comma separated)
[DEFAULT] zfssa_target_password = (StrOpt) iSCSI target CHAP password.
[DEFAULT] zfssa_target_portal = None (StrOpt) iSCSI target portal (Data-IP:Port, w.x.y.z:3260).
[DEFAULT] zfssa_target_user = (StrOpt) iSCSI target CHAP user.
[CISCO_FABRIC_EXAMPLE] cisco_fc_fabric_address = (StrOpt) Management IP of fabric
[CISCO_FABRIC_EXAMPLE] cisco_fc_fabric_password = (StrOpt) Password for user
[CISCO_FABRIC_EXAMPLE] cisco_fc_fabric_port = 22 (IntOpt) Connecting port
[CISCO_FABRIC_EXAMPLE] cisco_fc_fabric_user = (StrOpt) Fabric user ID
[CISCO_FABRIC_EXAMPLE] cisco_zone_activate = True (BoolOpt) overridden zoning activation state
[CISCO_FABRIC_EXAMPLE] cisco_zone_name_prefix = None (StrOpt) overridden zone name prefix
[CISCO_FABRIC_EXAMPLE] cisco_zoning_policy = initiator-target (StrOpt) overridden zoning policy
[CISCO_FABRIC_EXAMPLE] cisco_zoning_vsan = None (StrOpt) VSAN of the Fabric
[database] db_inc_retry_interval = True (BoolOpt) If True, increases the interval between database connection retries up to db_max_retry_interval.
[database] db_max_retries = 20 (IntOpt) Maximum database connection retries before error is raised. Set to -1 to specify an infinite retry count.
[database] db_max_retry_interval = 10 (IntOpt) If db_inc_retry_interval is set, the maximum seconds between database connection retries.
[database] db_retry_interval = 1 (IntOpt) Seconds between database connection retries.
[database] mysql_sql_mode = TRADITIONAL (StrOpt) The SQL mode to be used for MySQL sessions. This option, including the default, overrides any server-set SQL mode. To use whatever SQL mode is set by the server configuration, set this to no value. Example: mysql_sql_mode=
[database] pool_timeout = None (IntOpt) If set, use this value for pool_timeout with SQLAlchemy.
[database] slave_connection = None (StrOpt) The SQLAlchemy connection string to use to connect to the slave database.
[database] sqlite_db = oslo.sqlite (StrOpt) The file name to use with SQLite.
[database] sqlite_synchronous = True (BoolOpt) If True, SQLite uses synchronous mode.
[database] use_db_reconnect = False (BoolOpt) Enable the experimental use of database reconnect on connection lost.
[fc-zone-manager] cisco_sb_connector = (StrOpt) Southbound connector for zoning operation
[keymgr] encryption_api_url = http://localhost:9311/v1 (StrOpt) Url for encryption service.
[keymgr] encryption_auth_url = http://localhost:5000/v2.0 (StrOpt) Authentication url for encryption service.
[keystone_authtoken] check_revocations_for_cached = False (BoolOpt) If true, the revocation list will be checked for cached tokens. This requires that PKI tokens are configured on the Keystone server.
[keystone_authtoken] hash_algorithms = md5 (ListOpt) Hash algorithms to use for hashing PKI tokens. This may be a single algorithm or multiple. The algorithms are those supported by Python standard The hashes will be tried in the order given, so put the preferred one first for performance. The result of the first hash will be stored in the cache. This will typically be set to multiple values only while migrating from a less secure algorithm to a more secure one. Once all the old tokens are expired this option should be set to a single value for better performance.
[keystone_authtoken] identity_uri = None (StrOpt) Complete admin Identity API endpoint. This should specify the unversioned root endpoint e.g. https://localhost:35357/
[profiler] profiler_enabled = False (BoolOpt) If False fully disable profiling feature.
[profiler] trace_sqlalchemy = False (BoolOpt) If False doesn't trace SQL requests.
Table 1.88. New default values
Option Previous default value New default value
[DEFAULT] backup_swift_url http://localhost:8080/v1/AUTH_ None
[DEFAULT] default_log_levels amqp=WARN, amqplib=WARN, boto=WARN, qpid=WARN, sqlalchemy=WARN, suds=INFO, oslo.messaging=INFO, iso8601=WARN, requests.packages.urllib3.connectionpool=WARN amqp=WARN, amqplib=WARN, boto=WARN, qpid=WARN, sqlalchemy=WARN, suds=INFO, oslo.messaging=INFO, iso8601=WARN, requests.packages.urllib3.connectionpool=WARN, urllib3.connectionpool=WARN, websocket=WARN, keystonemiddleware=WARN, routes.middleware=WARN, stevedore=WARN
[DEFAULT] default_timeout 20 525600
[DEFAULT] gpfs_storage_pool None system
[DEFAULT] max_luns_per_storage_group 256 255
[DEFAULT] vmware_task_poll_interval 5 0.5
[database] connection sqlite:///$state_path/$sqlite_db None
[database] max_pool_size 5 None
[keystone_authtoken] revocation_cache_time 300 10
Table 1.89. Deprecated options
Deprecated option New Option
[DEFAULT] db_backend [database] backend
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