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 Ryu configuration options

Table 8.36. Description of RYU configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
wsapi_host = (StrOpt) webapp listen host
wsapi_port = 8080 (IntOpt) webapp listen port
openflow_rest_api = (StrOpt) OpenFlow REST API location.
ovsdb_interface = None (StrOpt) OVSDB interface to connect to.
ovsdb_ip = None (StrOpt) OVSDB IP to connect to.
ovsdb_port = 6634 (IntOpt) OVSDB port to connect to.
tunnel_interface = None (StrOpt) Tunnel interface to use.
tunnel_ip = None (StrOpt) Tunnel IP to use.
tunnel_key_max = 16777215 (IntOpt) Maximum tunnel ID to use.
tunnel_key_min = 1 (IntOpt) Minimum tunnel ID to use.

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