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 Cisco Fibre Channel Zone Driver

Cisco Fibre Channel Zone Driver performs zoning operations via SSH. Configure Cisco Zone Driver and lookup service by specifying the following parameters:

Table 1.42. Description of cisco zoning manager configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
cisco_sb_connector = (StrOpt) Southbound connector for zoning operation

Configure SAN fabric parameters in the form of fabric groups as described in the example below:

Table 1.43. Description of cisco zoning fabrics configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
cisco_fc_fabric_address = (StrOpt) Management IP of fabric
cisco_fc_fabric_password = (StrOpt) Password for user
cisco_fc_fabric_port = 22 (IntOpt) Connecting port
cisco_fc_fabric_user = (StrOpt) Fabric user ID
cisco_zone_activate = True (BoolOpt) overridden zoning activation state
cisco_zone_name_prefix = None (StrOpt) overridden zone name prefix
cisco_zoning_policy = initiator-target (StrOpt) overridden zoning policy
cisco_zoning_vsan = None (StrOpt) VSAN of the Fabric


Define a fabric group for each fabric using the fabric names used in fc_fabric_names configuration option as group name.

The Cisco Fibre Channel Zone Driver supports basic and enhanced zoning modes.The zoning VSAN must exist with an active zone set name which is same as the fc_fabric_names parameter.

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