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 Nuage configuration options

Table 8.31. Description of Nuage configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
auth_resource = (StrOpt) Nuage provided uri for initial authorization to access VSD
base_uri = / (StrOpt) Nuage provided base uri to reach out to VSD
default_floatingip_quota = 254 (IntOpt) Per Net Partition quota of floating ips
default_net_partition_name = OpenStackDefaultNetPartition (StrOpt) Default Network partition in which VSD will orchestrate network resources using openstack
organization = system (StrOpt) Organization name in which VSD will orchestrate network resources using openstack
server = localhost:8800 (StrOpt) IP Address and Port of Nuage's VSD server
serverauth = username:password (StrOpt) Username and password for authentication
serverssl = False (BoolOpt) Boolean for SSL connection with VSD server
enable_sync = False (BoolOpt) Nuage plugin will sync resources between openstack and VSD
sync_interval = 0 (IntOpt) Sync interval in seconds between openstack and VSD. It defines how often the synchronization is done. If not set, value of 0 is assumed and sync will be performed only once, at the Neutron startup time.

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