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 IBM SDN-VE configuration options

Table 8.8. Description of SDN-VE configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
base_url = /one/nb/v2/ (StrOpt) Base URL for SDN-VE controller REST API.
controller_ips = (ListOpt) List of IP addresses of SDN-VE controller(s).
default_tenant_type = OVERLAY (StrOpt) Tenant type: OVERLAY (default) or OF.
format = json (StrOpt) SDN-VE request/response format.
info = sdnve_info_string (StrOpt) SDN-VE RPC subject.
integration_bridge = None (StrOpt) Integration bridge to use.
interface_mappings = (ListOpt) List of <physical_network_name>:<interface_name> mappings.
of_signature = SDNVE-OF (StrOpt) The string in tenant description that indicates the tenant is a OF tenant.
out_of_band = True (BoolOpt) Indicating if controller is out of band or not.
overlay_signature = SDNVE-OVERLAY (StrOpt) The string in tenant description that indicates the tenant is a OVERLAY tenant.
password = admin (StrOpt) SDN-VE administrator password.
port = 8443 (StrOpt) SDN-VE controller port number.
reset_bridge = True (BoolOpt) Whether to reset the integration bridge before use.
use_fake_controller = False (BoolOpt) Whether to use a fake controller.
userid = admin (StrOpt) SDN-VE administrator user ID.
polling_interval = 2 (IntOpt) Agent polling interval if necessary.
root_helper = sudo (StrOpt) Using root helper.
rpc = True (BoolOpt) Whether to use rpc.

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