2023.1 (11.3.0 - 11.4.x) Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where inspection would fail if an IPv6 address wrapped in brackets is used for the redfish BMC address. See bug: 2036455.

  • In case the lldp raw data collected by the inspection process includes non utf-8 information, the parser fails breaking the inspection process. This patch works around that excluding the malformed data and adding an entry in the logs to provide information on the failed tlv.

  • Fixes the Role Based Access Control state and capabilities to align with OpenStack Community RBAC goals which includes support for a service role by default to enable inter-service communication to be configured without an admin username. In large part, these changes were missed as the Inspector service is considered an “admin-only” service.

    Also in alignment with overall community position changes, where the admin role is sufficent without an explicit system scope. To help ensure a high level of security, explicit testing was also added for the manager role, which is unavailable as that role is reserved for administrative functions inside of a tenant’s project.


Upgrade Notes

  • The minimum version of SQLAlchemy is now 1.4.0, in preparation for the future anticipated release of SQLAlchemy 2.0.0.

  • The minimum version of Oslo.DB is now 12.1.0, in preparation for the future anticipated release of SQLAlchemy 2.0.0.

  • Database schema upgrades from versions prior to 7.3.0 are not supported. Please upgrade to an intermediate release prior to upgrading to this release.

Deprecation Notes

  • Plugin maintainers should be aware that the Node Cache object field version_id filed is no longer in use. It is still returned by the data model if stored for the purposes of compatability, but Inspector will not update the field through the normal course of it’s operation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where database responses of nodes would get orphaned in inspector process RAM, and would not be garbage collected. We were able to discover and reproduce this issue while working on database connectivity locks remaining in place. Please see story 2009727 for more details.

Other Notes

  • Plugin maintainers who are directly working with the database will need to update their plugins. Specifically the Database API has been delineated into using enginefacade with a dedicated reader and writer model, in anticipation of support for SQLAlchemy 2.0 and an eventual merge of Inspector into Ironic at some point in the future. Database actions are now performed through the ironic_inspector.db.api module, where previously they were spread across ironic_inspector.db and ironic_inspector.node_cache.